'Glee's 10 Biggest Klaine Breakups, Fights, & Text Snafus That Left Us Heartbroken

Blaine and Kurt are having a rough time of it lately on FOX's Glee. Life hasn't been easy Glee's Kurt and Blaine since Blaine moved to the Big Apple to join his fiancé: they've battled intimacy issues, jealousy, and the Freshman Fifteen. Blaine moved out of their shared apartment, Kurt's been awfully close with bandmate Elliott, and if the plot descriptions of future episodes are any indication, things aren't getting any easier for them any time soon. Here's what's going on this week on Glee's new episode "The Back-Up Plan":

At NYADA, Kurt gets a valuable opportunity to perform for a wealthy socialite who is known for fostering and launching the careers of many burgeoning artists. Thrilled with the chance to make a lasting impression, Kurt – committed to the idea that he and Blaine should always share their career boons together - recruits his fiancé to sing with him. Blaine finds himself put in a difficult position when the socialite takes more of a liking to him than to Kurt.

So, Blaine inadvertently steals a major opportunity from Kurt. I'm sure there won't be many smiles and hugs about that particular turn of events. And it doesn't look like things will be any better by the May 13 Season 5 finale, "The Untitled Rachel Berry Project":

Blaine continues to work on his showcase with June. While she promises him the event will launch his career in ways he never dreamed of, it will also require him to reveal a lie and break a promise he made to Kurt...something he may not be prepared to do.

Uh-oh. That sounds ominous, especially if this tumult spills over into Glee's sixth and final season.

To be fair, while Klaine has had more than their fair share of happiness and adorable Christmas duets, this isn't the first time the couple has been on the rocks. And yet they've managed to survive this long. So let's remind ourselves of all the hardships they've been through before only to come out stronger on the other side. Here are all the times Klaine broke our hearts:

1. Kurt realizes Blaine doesn't have feelings for him.

This one is technically from before "Klaine" was even a thing. Remember back in Season 2, when Kurt first met blazer-clad Blaine at Dalton Academy? Kurt had such a huge crush on the a capella dreamboat and he was thrilled when, in the Valentine's Day episode "Silly Love Songs," he thought Blaine was planning an elaborate profession of love to him, only to have his dreams shattered when he realized Blaine was planning to serenade someone else. Ouch. Sure, the GAP-attack Robin Thicke flash mob was fun to watch, but our enthusiasm was dampened by Kurt's obvious disappointment.

2. Blaine and Kurt have an awkward sexual encounter.

Blaine finally developed feelings for Kurt after watching him serenade a dead bird (weird), transferred to McKinley, and then landed the lead in West Side Story. In the Season 3 episode "The First Time," several characters, including Blaine, grappled with their virginity. After a fun night out at the only gay bar in town, Scandals, Blaine drunkenly tries to get it on with his boyfriend in the backseat of a car. Kurt, the sober sister for the evening, is put off by Blaine's drunken pushiness and says no, causing Blaine to storm off. It was a surprising moment that got very real very quickly. Fortunately, Blaine and Kurt reconciled and ended the episode by tenderly losing their virginity — soberly, thank goodness.

3. Kurt text-cheats on Blaine.

In the Season 3 Whitney Houston tribute episode "Dance With Somebody," Blaine was enraged when he found out that Kurt was flirty-texting with a cute guy he met at the sheet music store. This, naturally, segued into a sleekly furious performance of "It's Not Right But It's Okay." Afterwards, the couple sought the advice of guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury, where it became clear that Blaine was worried his boyfriend was starting distance himself before graduating and making the big move to New York. Anyone who has ever stared down the barrel of long distance could sympathize.

4. Blaine says goodbye to Kurt.

When Kurt didn't get into NYADA, he put his Big Apple plans on hold, staying in Ohio to work at the Lima Bean and be close to his boyfriend. But thankfully Blaine realized that Ohio was too small for larger-than-life Kurt Hummel, so he encouraged his true love to pursue his dreams with a courtyard rendition of Imagine Dragons' "It's Time" that made us all a little teary-eyed. It was nice to see Blaine so supportive of Kurt, but it would be the last we saw of them together for a while.

5. Kurt doesn't say "I love you" back.

Once Kurt moved to NYC, he quickly became embroiled in the fashion world with an internship at Vogue.com, and often proved too busy to chat with his boyfriend back home. In one episode, he was too distracted to help Blaine pick out a bow tie (and we all know how important bow ties are to Blaine), and in the next, Blaine's "I love you" sign-off was met with a dial tone. Harsh.

6. Blaine real-cheats on Kurt.

We hated seeing the lovebirds grow distant, but we hated Blaine's reaction to the distance even more. Feeling lonely, he hooked up with some rando named Eli C. (You know this is Glee because they arranged this meet-up over Facebook and not Grindr.) Blaine felt so guilty he flew all the way out to NYC to see Kurt. But when he sang an emotional acoustic version of "Teenage Dream" (performed live!) Kurt knew something was wrong. When Blaine finally fessed up, the long-distance pair called it quits.

7. Blaine and Kurt have a sad phone call.

Though they had seen each other once since the break-up, backstage at McKinley's production of Grease, that encounter was awkward and terse. The second time they interacted post-cheating was on Thanksgiving, when Kurt called his ex to wish him luck at Sectionals. Kurt wasn't ready to forgive Blaine yet, but he acknowledged that they were still best friends and he missed Blaine like crazy. They agreed to talk things over again at Christmas and said tear-filled "I love you"s. *sob*

8. Kurt hallucinates a happy ending.

Back in New York, Kurt started to move on from Blaine, casually dating NYADA British hottie Adam Crawford. But while watching Moulin Rouge! during a snow day movie marathon, Kurt couldn't help but hallucinate himself singing "Come What May" with his ex (with himself as Nicole Kidman, natch). The beautiful balcony, misty air, and softly glowing lights made for a perfectly romantic duet. Too bad it was all in Kurt's imagination.

9. Blaine proposes to Kurt.

Okay, so this one was heartbreaking in a very different kind of way. But no Klaine list would be complete without the hopelessly romantic and over-the-top proposal that Blaine planned for Kurt after the couple finally got back together at the beginning of Season 5. To the strains of The Beatles' "All You Need Is Love," accompanied by the New Directions, the Warblers, Vocal Adrenaline and the Haverbrook Deaf Choir, Blaine led his lover to the staircase where they first met, and then delivered this swoon-worthy speech:

It’s never really felt like I’ve been getting to know you, it’s always felt like I was remembering you from something. As if in every lifetime that you and I have ever lived, we’ve chosen to come back and find each other and fall in love all over again. Over and over, for all eternity. And I just feel so lucky that I found you so soon in this lifetime, because all I want to do, all I’ve ever wanted to do, is spend my life loving you.

So why is it heartbreaking? Because we'll probably never get a proposal so perfect.

10. Blaine sings to Kurt in the hospital.

In the most recent heartbreaking chapter of the Klaine saga, Kurt was beaten up in an alley by a couple of homophobic thugs. It was a brutally shocking moment for such a usually upbeat show. In the hospital afterwards, while Kurt was unconscious, Blaine crawled into bed with him and softly crooned "Not While I'm Around" from Sweeney Todd . It was a beautiful song, a tender display of love, and a heartbreaking moment of pain all in one.

Hopefully Klaine can beat the odds and end Season 5 on a happy note — but we're saving a spot on this list just in case.

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