Seth Rogen Didn't Think He'd like 'Neighbors' Zac Efron: 10 Reasons We Aren't Surprised

Seth Rogen and Zac Efron have been doing a phenomenal job promoting their upcoming buddy comedy, Neighbors. Appearing everywhere from the comedic Workaholics to the MTV movie awards, where Efron had his shirt ripped off for the applause of tween girls everywhere. And while it may appear like the pair have an instant bromance on screen, Seth Rogen revealed he thought he wouldn't like Efron. The Pineapple Express actor confessed his true feelings to People magazine, saying: "I was expecting to not like him very much when I first met him. The first time I met him I assumed he'd be a little fucker, but that was eight years ago."

Luckily, the actor came around: "I was proven very wrong because he's a sweet, nice guy … He was just so nice, cool and very self-aware and self-effacing and endearing, and all those things that make someone hard to hate."

But to make matters worse, Efron admitted to idolizing Rogen before he met the actor. Apparently, the feeling wasn't mutual. "I really made some extra effort, and after a while I think I wore him down a bit," Efron said of his costar. "I've respected Seth since the first movie that I saw him in. He rebranded comedy, and I identified with it, every single part of it: mind, body and spirit. That's how I want to be."

But can we blame Rogen in his preconceived judgements? Not really... from Efron's impolite tendencies to his disgusting physique, let's count down the reasons why Zac Efron is not the human perfect specimen.

1. His dance moves suck

2. His Eyes are Too blue, distractingly blue

3. He doesn't know how to take care of his body

4. He doesn't appreciate his fans

Like that one time he went out of his way to meet a fan in a crowd, Instagrammed their encounter, and then got this response from said fan: "Zac, I am so incredibly touched by your note. Meeting you was always the dream, but I never could have imagined that you would respond with such genuine kindness and literally open arms. The impact you and your talent have had on me and so many millions of others should never be underestimated. Beyond the actor, thank you for being such a warm, generous person and I'd be humbled to consider you a friend."

5. He hates animals, especially dogs

6. He doesn't clean up well

7. He's gives the worst hugs

8. He can't keep his clothes on (gross)

9. He Doesn't Understand the rules of the road

10. He has zero respect for his costars

He told BBC Radio 1 of Neighbors costar Seth Rogen: “He’s so good. I wish Seth could produce every film I’m in, he kind of just takes the lead he is always setting the pace and the tone for everybody. He helped the director, Nicholas Stoller, that’s what Seth is able to do, ground everything. He is a great idea guy, and he’s great to improvise with.”

The Neighbors hits theatres May 9.

(P.S. It's opposite day. We love you, Zac!)

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