5 Ways 'Unusually Thicke's Carter Is the Best Thicke — And It Has Nothing To Do With His Brother Robin

Fans of bizarre reality should know by now, but Unusually Thicke is new this Wednesday night, and let me just reiterate: this show is so strange and hilarious, thanks in great part to Alan Thicke's youngest son (and Robin Thicke's brother) Carter. I seriously am not 100% sure what I'm watching when I put this show on. Is it a reality show? Is it a sitcom?

"The dialogue is improvised but we know where we're headed," Papa Thicke said in an interview with E!. Despite (possibly because of) the unconventional formatting, Unusually Thicke is definitely funny, and one of the main reasons for that is Carter. I get that this is at least a somewhat scripted show (though probably no more than every other reality show out there), but something tells me this kid is always ready with the one-liners even when the cameras aren't around.

First, a little background on Carter. He's Thicke third son (after oldest brother Brennan and older brother Robin), he's 16 years old, and he seems to have inherited his dad's propensity for snark.

Here are a few reasons why, even though he may think he's not the favorite son, Carter Thicke is by far the best Thicke.

He's a Trickster

After snagging his dad's phone to "tell the neighbors" about his impending garage sale in the pilot, Carter reveals he's not calling the neighbors at all!

"You know what this garage sale does need though. A celebrity visit," he explains, before adding, "Not my father, of course. Like a real celebrity."

So just who is this celebrity? None other than Alan's fellow TV dad Danny Tanner/Bob Saget, who rolls up in an "aircraft carrier" and proceeds to mock Alan and get him to pay a few grand for his own possessions.

He Puts Others Before Himself

Speaking of which, after making a cool $6,400 at the garage sale, Carter tells Alan and his stepmother Tanya he's going to donate it to the charity HollyRod. While there's probably not a ton of stuff the spawn of Jason Seaver wants for, that's still a pretty classy move.

His Twitter Feed Is Pretty Entertaining

Carter doesn't have a ton of followers, but I'm sure the number has been slowly rising since the premiere of Unusually Thicke and will probably continue to with every episode, and he makes time to answer most of the ones that tweet at him. That is, when he's not busy teasingly live-tweeting the show.

He's Going To Look Exactly Like His Dad When He's Older

Seriously, look at this photo of Alan Carter posted to Instagram in March. Yeah, that's a young Alan, not a present-day Instagram Inkwell-filtered Carter. Robin definitely looks a lot like Alan, but you can also see a lot of his mom Gloria too. Carter, on the other hand, is like an Orphan Black -style clone of his dad. It must be nice to know exactly what you'll be seeing in the mirror 50 years down the road.

His Ringtone Is the Friggin' Growing Pains Theme Song

In the second episode his dad calls him, and all of a sudden you hear "As long as we've got each other..." Is he trolling his dad? Does he genuinely love the song? Is it just a gimmick for the show? Whatever the case, it's awesome.

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