'The Mindy Project' Boy Battle: Danny vs. Charlie

On last night's episode of The Mindy Project , we were faced with the hard, hard reality that: there's a chance Mindy and Danny may not end up back together. I mean, will they, ultimately? Probably. But with the introduction of Tim Daly's character Charlie into the mix as of late — a character we really love and think is great for Mindy — we stopped ourselves and realized what we were actually thinking, "wait, are we not on Danny's team right now?" Is there a chance that, at least right now, Charlie is the better match for Mindy?

Now, on paper they're very similar guys: older than Mindy, tough Staten Island boys with grandpa-esque tendencies, and strong moral compasses. Essentially, they're both The Dream (if you're into assertive and endearing grumpy white dudes, which Mindy most certainly is). We already know there are pros and cons to Mindy and Danny as a couple, but which one should she end up with right now?

So let's get this Boy Battle started. Who'll reign supreme for the heart of Mindy Lahiri in the end? Well that's a question best left for the season finale, next Tuesday. But for now? A bit of speculation never hurt anyone. Has it?

Dr. Danny Castellano

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Pro: He's DANNY freaking CASTELLANO.

Con: That in and of itself cannot be a "pro."

Pro: His dance moves.

Con: His inability to appreciate the sunglasses the sun emoji wears.

Pro: His master-class level craftsmanship of gingerbread houses.

Con: He's a biiiiiit of a hothead.

Pro: Those goddamn red glasses.

Con: he has issues with jealousy.

Pro: He fears the ocean out of respect.

Con: He fears the ocean (out of respect, but still).


Officer Charlie Lang

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Pro: "I'm no feminist, but I've printed out enough Jezebel articles to know that’s not cool."

Con: He's not a feminist.

Pro: He's a grown-ass man, damnit.

Con: He's a cop so you can forget any potentially illicit fun.

Pro: He's from the garbage-dump side of the tracks, which makes him super-tough.

Con: He doesn't like bologna sandwiches.

Pro: He makes really good sauce.

Pro: He pushes Mindy to be more self-reliant.

Pro: He has a great handshake.

Con: He's not Danny freakin' Castellano.


As evidenced by Tuesday night's episode, Officer Charlie has thrown us for a bit of a loop. We actually sorta think he's great for Mindy... maybe even exactly what she needs. Mathematically, he wins out on the pro vs. con debate, but that might just be because "he's Danny FREAKIN' Castellano" can't count for like, 47 pros. It's a fantastic storytelling device, to make both men so great and wonderful — and a bit more adult, really, because the easy way to do it would be to just make Charlie the worst, forcing Danny as The One True Love to shine all the more.

But just like real life, sometimes there are multiple good options. Heck, sometimes the right option and the best option aren't even the same. We're admittedly torn on this one, not going to lie. Maybe Mindy needs to date Charlie — at least for a little while — and learn what it means to be a really-real grown-up before she hunkers down with Danny and rides off into the sunset. Or maybe committing to a relationship with the clear best-dude-for-her will help her do the same, just in different ways. We're not sure! It feels as though Danny is ready to choose Mindy, but will Mindy ultimately choose Danny? It really could go either way.

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