4 Quotes That Prove 'The Mindy Project's Mindy & Danny Will End Up Together

Last week we were all heartbroken to see the demise of one of television's most endearing new couples, Dr. Mindy Lahiri and Dr. Danny Castellano. How could it be? So soon? But they just got together, at last!" you cry. And we can commiserate: The Mindy Project 's premiere OBGYNs have spent much of these two seasons building up the will-they won't-they tension with sigh-inducing aplomb, only to quickly rip it away from us after The Best Kiss Ever. Now, we know it may not happen soon, nor will it likely be easy, but a few recent quotes from writer/Morgan Tookers himself, Ike Barinholtz, have us holding out hope that the couple will end up back in the "on" position.

Because They Really Are Special!

“I think the dynamic between them is special and different and they are unlike any other couple on TV because they are such distinct characters and they fight so much."

Because Everybody Wants It — Not Just the Fans

"Watching them together is so fun that there was a little bit of back and forth last season in the writers room — should it happen? Should it not happen? But then eventually you just get to a certain point where we want it, the fans want it, the characters want it."

Because Nobody Breaks Up Forever When Boneless Buffalo Wings Are Involved

"When we write an episode, David Stassen and I say to the prop master, 'Hey, so we specifically wrote that we want boneless buffalo wings in this, so they have to be from Chili’s. And he’s like, 'Can't I just get the frozen ones?’ And we're like, 'No. Go to Chili's and get us the real ones because the characters will know the difference.'"

And Finally...Because Barinholtz Said They Would!

"To put them back together just makes so much sense…eventually."

OH HAPPY DAY! Now go ahead and celebrate knowing that we may have to take the long road, but this is one match that was made for TV-specific heaven.