What's Up With Jordan & Laurel on MTV's 'The Challenge'? Elimination Could (Sort of) Break Them Up

It looks like two contestants are making it official on MTV's The Challenge: Free Agents we're talking about Laurel and Jordan, of course. In a preview MTV released for Thursday's episode, the pair are making out poolside (much to the dismay of Aneesa). Based on what's been happening on the season so far, this promo leads to a few questions; namely, just how long these lust-birds are going to last in the competition.

Will Jordan or Laurel End Up Going Home This Week?

Seeing these two so happy and carefree makes it hard not to wonder if one of them will be going home on Thursday. Happy and carefree does not good TV make, something that a network known for shows about teen pregnancy and fake lesbians is well-aware of. For the last two episodes MTV has created previews that put a lot of focus on one of the contestants going home in that ep.

Take Episode 2. In the promo for it, Dustin is seen canoodling with Jessica, and then ends up going to and losing Elimination. Then, in Episode 3, Frank is sent home with pneumonia — but not before a preview of him talking to his mom about whether he should stay or go was put online. Would MTV so blatantly foreshadow the episodes like that, or is it just a coincidence? It seems super obvious on MTV's part.

Are They Still Dating?

Shooting for The Challenge ended during the holidays in 2013, and since then, neither Jordan nor Laurel has posted anything on Twitter or Instagram to definitively suggest they're a couple.

Or have they? They mention and retweet each other pretty regularly (he called her "beautiful" and "gorgeous" on her birthday), and in March, Jordan tweeted a Challenge screenshot of himself kissing Laurel, captioning it "Oh snap, hope my gf doesn't get mad at this."

Jordan is a cocky, smarmy guy, but my instincts tell me he's taking the piss out of his followers because Laurel is his girlfriend.

Can They Make It For The Long Haul?

Aneesa puts it best: Jordan and Laurel are two peas in a pod. They're like the Kennedies of The Challenge. They look nice together and both are very... confident. If they hadn't both appeared on MTV reality shows one or both of them could run for office someday. Survey says? Long haul it is.

Images: MTV