Read The Email Weiner Sent To Supporters Today

Following Tuesday's revelations that he'd been involved in yet another sexting scandal after his resignation from Congress two years ago, Anthony Weiner sent out an email to his mailing list of supporters Wednesday asking them not to walk away.

In response to the many calls on Weiner to withdraw from the New York City mayoral race, he wrote: "I believe that question should be left to the voters. This fight is too important to leave New Yorkers without a choice."

He asked New Yorkers to look past his personal life and focus on policy, including his plans for "lowering taxes on New York families" and "creating the first ever single-payer health care plan for [New York City]."

He then addressed the controversy:

I owe it to you to try to explain..Sending these embarrassing messages to women online, whom I never met, was a personal failing that was hurtful to my wife and a part of my life that Huma and I have put behind us. These things I did, as you have read in the papers, didn't happen once... I regret not saying explicitly when these exchanges happened.

Weiner closed the email with line, "New Yorkers don't quit, and I'll never quit on you." You can read the full email here.

If we were Weiner (and thank God we're not) we wouldn't get too comfortable. Nik Richie, editor of the website that first published the incriminating online exchanges, implied in a New York Times interview that he "would publish new and embarrassing information about the relationship in the coming days." We'll see how long taxes and healthcare can distract voters from that.