Are Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Still Getting Divorced? Let's Walk Through This

When it comes to his separation from Paula Patton, the lines couldn’t possibly be more blurred for Robin Thicke. After Thicke and Patton called it quits earlier in 2014, Thicke did just about everything he could think of to get her back — including but not limited to sending her zillions of flowers and professing his love on stage almost every night of his tour. So, wait, are Robin Thicke and Paula Patton still together?

Their split was reportedly caused by Thicke’s ever so notorious VMAs performance with Miley Cyrus, and we all know what happened there. Word has it that Patton was “utterly disrespected” by the way Thicke grinded on Cyrus — because, um, duh. Suffice it to say that if that was the straw that broke Paula Patton’s back, I don’t blame her for a minute. From the second the news hit the Internet, Thicke began a downward spiral in the name of “getting her back” which could’ve been described as adorably lovesick or depressingly pathetic… or maybe a little of both.

So now that Thicke and Patton have had some time to think their divorce over, is still happening? Or are grand romantic gestures the way back into Patton’s broken heart? Thicke’s dad — and famed Growing Pains actor — Alan skirted around the question in a recent chat with Us Weekly, leading me to believe that a decision hasn’t been made yet one way or another.

And, um, reports from The Hollywood Gossip say that Thicke may or may not have taken 10 girls home after a night out clubbing in L.A. for a “no pants party” and, as the booze was flowing, made it obvious to everyone there that he wanted to sleep with all attendees.

“Eventually most people left, but some stayed behind,” an onlooker said. “It was all uncomfortable to watch.” Uh, yeah? It’s uncomfortable to even think about, and I wasn’t even there.

Awkward as it is, it could be Thicke’s way of coping, but a reunion is definitely not looking good.

If Robin’s attempts at winning Patton back haven’t been effective, I’m not too surprised. If I was upset enough to file for separation from a guy I’d been with since I was a teenager, I’d have a pretty good reason for it — and I doubt that our problems could be fixed by a few speeches to random concertgoers around the US.