When I think of Mandy Moore, it's mostly when I'm sobbing the entire way through A Walk To Remember every single time it comes on TV. The 30-year-old actress (and singer...remember that?) has been slightly under the radar for the past couple of years, but, turns out, Moore is still as beautiful as ever, and is officially a new contributing editor for beauty site Byrdie.

Moore has always had a fresh, unique and, well, just plain gorgeous look about her, so her new position as beauty editor, while slightly unexpected, should suit her well. According to the site's announcement, Moore will be writing a monthly column called 'Mandy's Must-Haves,' in which she will test out new beauty products and give her feedback.

A self-proclaimed "beauty hoarder," it seems that the star should fit in pretty well at the site. In honor of her new gig, here are three reasons Moore will be an awesome expert.

1. She Makes Natural Makeup Look AMAZING

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Formal events tend to call for caked on glamour, since, in comparison to a gorgeous designer gown, barefaced looks can come off as unprepared in front of all those flashing cameras. Moore, however, has mastered natural makeup, rocking just mascara and a touch of lip stain on the red carpet. I want to take lessons from her so I can look like this ASAP.

2. She Clearly Knows A Thing or Two About Skin Products

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I mean, the woman glows. As someone who is about as confused by highlighters and bronzers (or whatever else is supposed to make our faces glow) as it gets, I can't wait to see what kind of serums, lotions, and face washes Mandy tests out to so I, too, can look like an angel on the daily.

3. She Has Dramatic Makeup On Lock, Too

Mark Sullivan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The smoky eye, for me, is a lot like dating. It's confusing, scary and when it goes badly, it really goes badly. Luckily, Moore seems to know what she's doing in terms of this classic, sultry look. Please, Mandy Moore, teach me your ways.