You Know You Go To U of Oregon When...

by Anna Klassen

According to Urban Dictionary, the University of Oregon is: "a good school with great weed, lots of house parties, chill people, and great sports teams across the board." Well, that's true. But the University of Oregon is also a place with lots of rain, Nike sponsored buildings, killer coffee, and a whole lot of love for the Oregon Ducks. And if you graduated from the University of Oregon — or are lucky enough to be a student there now — you know exactly what I'm talking about. There are just some things only we Ducks can truly understand.

You know that when someone asks you to "Show me your 'O'" it isn't sexual

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You walk through the Pioneer Cemetery everyday to get to class

...but you're still creeped out by the abundance of overgrown graves.

You love the new Allen Hall

Unless you graduated before 2012, in which case you loathe Allen Hall, and despise Agate.

Every time you walk through Frohnmayer Music Hall you feel like you've been transported to the East Coast

What with its white picket fences and exposed brick.

if you sign up for any class before 10 a.m., you know it will feel like you're going to night school

Because of the thick layer of fog and grey that blankets the campus.

you know Coffee isn't just for breakfast

It's for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and even pre-gaming beverages.

your go-to unifrom is sweat pants, a hoodie, a raincoat, and either ugg boots or rainboots

Occasionally, flip flops.

you know Tailgating isn't a hobby: it's an art form

and that On-campus housing is a ridiculous cost

But how else are you going to make friends unless you live in a shoebox with a stranger?

You know the awfulness that is any class in PLC

You might as well stay in your dorm room and get the notes online.

and that Finding a free table in the Lillis cafe is both an accomplishment and a bragging right

you know the first day of sunshine will transform the usually-muddied lawn outside of the Knight Library

...Into a sea of half-clad bodies.

and that The turf is half used for sports, and half used as a shortcut to get across campus

Snagging a dorm in LLC makes you campus royalty

You've never actually stepped foot inside the Collier House, but you're pretty sure a ghost lives there

The Knight Library is good for studying for hours on end (and doing other less studious things)

You still laugh at the fact that the Jaqua Center's is called the Jaqua "Academic" center

You know that the only color of cup that's acceptable to drink out of after 11 p.m. is red

The only time you went to the Museum of Natural and Cultural History was for your anthro class

oh, The sadness of The Oregon Daily Emerald no longer being Daily

How am I supposed to snag my free daily crossword now?

thank god Prince Puckler's stays open until 11 p.m.

...and that Burrito Boy stays open all night long

But is only acceptable to eat after 11 p.m. and before 5 a.m.

You know that it never rains at Autzen Stadium: it pours touchdowns

and that Steve Prefontaine wasn't an athlete: he was a hero

you've treaded through the rain for 45 minutes to get from the Duck Store to Agate

and the city planners must have been drunk when they put in those parking spots on 13th Ave

you think the EMU is the most overused part of campus

From sit ins to concerts to markets, its central location makes it a pain to commute through.

you know the Fish Bowl is a great place to people watch, but it always smells like cafeteria food

The only time you've been to see a track meet was when the Olympic Trials were held in Eugene

Actually, that happened more than once.

and You know the town is called "Track Town, USA," but you figure "Track" must be a code word for "Football"

You're probably studying Business, Journalism, Psychology, Chemistry, or Physics

Are there any other majors?

You know every word to this song:

And this one:

Because most of all, you're proud to be a duck

Gotta love this school.

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