‘Southern Charm’ Season 2 Is Happening According To Evidence on Thomas Ravenel's Twitter

There is a new clue in the ongoing quest to figure out if Southern Charm will have a second season. We've gathered quite a bit of information so far about the likelihood that the show will be renewed, but a tweet from Thomas Ravenel might be the best evidence yet. T-Rav tweeted a photo of Kathryn Dennis taken on the day she gave birth along with the caption, "The night before the planned inducement of our baby. The most exciting episode of our life. @Bravotv @kathryn_dennis."

It's possible that Ravenel refers to moments in his life as "episodes" all the time, but I'm thinking this is a hint of things to come. It was revealed in an epilogue on the season one finale that Dennis and Ravenel had not only gotten back together (they broke up during the same episode), but that in the time since they welcomed a daughter, Kensington Calhoun Ravenel. Ravenel saying that Dennis giving birth was the "most exciting episode" does not necessarily mean that this would appear on an episode of Southern Charm, but it could mean that it was filmed for possible use.

We speculated before that if there is a second season, it might film during the summer, as the first season did, which would mean it wouldn't air until next winter. If this is the case, a birth scene with Dennis is unlikely unless this footage is used as a "here's what happened in the meantime" montage to get fans ready for the new season. A lot changes in a year, so it wouldn't be surprising if some of the more important plot points were filmed as they occurred. The fact that Ravenel tagged Bravo in the tweet suggests that his relationship with the network is continuing or, at the very least, that he wants it to.

As for other evidence that the show is getting a second season, we have Ravenel to thank again. Ravenel has, in a very roundabout way, suggested that if he marries Dennis, it may be shown on TV. When asked in an interview if they plan to wed, Ravenel responded, "I will tell you something that I’m sure you tell a lot of people, stay tuned."

Additionally, the show's rankings were on the borderline for getting renewed or getting dropped as compared to similar Bravo series, but perhaps the rise in popularity as the show went on will be a deciding factor. Bravo loves a reality TV wedding and with Southern Charm guaranteeing that possibility, there's a good chance another "exciting episode" is yet to come for Ravenel and for fans of the show as well.

Image: Bravo