The Baby Bombshell May Have Made Season 2 Possible

Hard to accept, but it’s true: is Southern Charm officially done for its first season, save the bonus clip show that Bravo is so lovingly airing for us Monday night. The big question on my mind now is this: Is Southern Charm renewed for Season 2, and if so, when can I expect to watch it? We checked in on the show's renewal chances a few weeks ago (before the big finale reveal and the subsequent fan frenzy) and now, the situation may have changed. I keep crossing my fingers that one day I will turn on my TV to find my DVR magically charged with new installments of my favorite new reality show, but it just never seems to happen. TV fairy, where are you?

Basically, I just need to see an epic Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel wedding, and a zillion scenes of them being adorable with baby Kensington. T-Rav has, in a roundabout way, insinuated that they could be holding off on a wedding until it can be broadcast. (Typical.) But in order for that to happen, I need Season 2. So what’s the deal? Will Bravo bring back this season’s runaway reality hit or not?

Ratings-wise, everything’s looking awesome for another season. Although the reunion only brought in 860,000 viewers, over one million viewers tuned in for many of the rest of the episodes. From where Bravo’s sitting, it would be a great business decision to bring the show back. Southern Charm’s cheap to make and it's a moneymaker, and we know how TV networks feel about money.

But if and when we do get a second season, can we expect our original cast back for another round? I hope so. Cameran Eubanks could go either way — as unquestionably the most mature and down to earth member of the cast, she may not be interested now that she’s in the midst of married bliss. But since we’d hate to see a Southern Charm without her, we’re hoping she decides to sign on.

As for the question of when this could-be second season may return, if they decide to keep with the summer theme, it could be next January before we see the next installment, which would be an agonizing wait. Or, Bravo could try to capitalize on the explosive interest they have circulating around the show and get that second season made and on the air as quickly as humanly possible. (But looking at how long we're still waiting for the second season of Below Deck, the wait is likely on.)

Besides, the bomb that Dennis and Ravenel dropped on us at the end of the series finale? Enough jaws dropped (including mine) seeing these two become parents instantly after their emotional breakup that there’s definitely interest in continuing the story. Bravo, please do us a solid and bring Southern Charm back. I promise to never complain about how freaking annoying the Real Housewives are on Twitter again. For at least a week.

Images: Bravo (2)