Madonna's Boobs Were Out and About In Her Anna Wintour-Rejected Met Gala Outfit

Madonna's boobs have been famous for a really long time. The rest of her's been famous, too, of course, and has shown incredibly business instincts throughout her 20+ years in the biz. But it's hard to discount Madonna's boobs as a part of her she seems repeatedly interested in funneling (sometimes literally) into the discussion of her public persona. Such as with Madonna's proposed Met Gala costume, which appears to be about 90 percent boobs and ten percent Madonna.

Anna Wintour, the iron-fisted Khaleesi/general overlord of the fashion world, apparently said no way to the outfit the singer initially wanted to wear to the ball. It's not all that hard to see why, either: It's pretty much literally Madonna wrapped in bandages Fifth Element -style with her boobs hanging out. It does look like something someone might wear in one of the saucier lands of Westeros — it doesn't look like something Wintour would like stealing focus at her biggest event of the year.

Madonna's all for routinely shocking the public, to the degree that any of today's more "shocking" pop acts (Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, etc.) can trace their roots directly back to the pop legend. But some things, like this one, break down the barriers between the generations. It kind of leaves you with the question: Who's even imitating who anymore?

Images: Instagram; Twitter