How to Watch MTV's 'Catfish' Season 3 Online & On Demand, So You Never Even Have to Stop Chatting with Your Internet Lover

MTV, you devious, addictive bastard! Everything about Catfish is unbelievable: when the Catfish documentary premiered in 2010, audiences couldn't believe it was real and to some extent, they're still not sure. When the film was turned into a reality TV series in 2012, it was unbelievable that so many people were being deceived all over the country and had no idea. Now, in 2014, it's unbelievable that Catfish: The TV Show is premiering its 3rd Season tonight on MTV, with catfishees being deceived by their catfishers in wilder ways than ever before. And yet here it is, seemingly one of the most unscripted reality shows on television right now. Structured, sure; but these people are letting their freak flags fly, and I have to believe that catfishing really is a thing of the past, present, and future, as more and more online communication mediums continue to be developed. It's an epidemic. And if you're not watching, you're not prepared to face it.

But we understand that you might be busy with other things come 10 PM ET Wednesday night. We will assume that the other thing you're busy with is chatting with someone you met on Tinder and you've fallen into a deep textersation. Be warned: There is a 95 percent chance they're catfishing you. That's just (a totally made up) fact, but then, there's the other 5 percent. Every person on Catfish is holding out for true love, after all; it's what blinds them. And there's only one way to know the signs, so check out a few other ways to watch the Season 3 premiere of Catfish, in case you miss it tonight.

On Demand, where you're safe

If you've got a swanky cable subscription that no one is wiring you money to pay for, most cable network providers — Time Warner Cable, Verizon, Cox, etc. — have episodes of Catfish available the morning after they air. Sometimes MTV programs won't be available via the On Demand function of your cable box, but you can always access them online by logging into your account on your cable network's website, for example,

Online, where the catfish live

If you need to be able to toggle between tabs while you chat with your online boyfriend/girlfriend/"platonic"-friend, or you need to take an episode on-the-go as you drive with Nev and Max to finally meet the **fingers crossed** person of your dreams (and Snapchats), episodes of Catfish are available the next day on Amazon for $1.99 or on iTunes in HD for $2.99.

On, the real catfish

Of course, the easiest and freest way to watch the Catfish premiere is to watch it on the network that's likely been catfishing us all along. There's no way to know for sure, but the longer you observe Nev and Max, the more you can hone your own skills to decide if it's their belief in love or their belief in other people's naivety that push them to keep seeking out catfish. The Season 3 premiere of Catfish will be available the morning after it airs, but beware: the ads can be a grade-A-pixelated-profile-pic nightmare.

Images: MTV