Even Dave Franco Can't Explain Brother James Franco's Instagram Shenanigans — VIDEO

Poor Dave Franco. While the young comedian has been stopping by talk show after talk show, including Tuesday's Conan, and promoting his latest film Neighbors, his older brother James Franco has been taking the world on the strangest social media journey. Naked selfies, erotic paintings of Seth Rogen, and rants about a few bad reviews for his Broadway debut in Of Mice and Men have been flooding James' Instagram account. In turn, the lil'-est actor Franco has been tasked with trying to explain his brother's shenanigans while simply trying to talk about his new comedy (which features a very shirtless Zac Efron).

Unsurprisingly, there's not much he can really say that could make sense of James' "digital art." Dave does, however, manage to put James' latest posts in perspective by commenting, "compared to some of the weird things he's doing, this seems like kind of a refined act." Truth be told, he's totally right.

According to Dave, the paintings his brother posted of Seth Rogen aren't even the most lewd pieces that he's created. Apparently, we're all missing out on a lot of dangly bits — so maybe in his own James Franco way, he really is "reigning it in."

Neighbors opens this Friday. Check out the clip below: