Justin Bieber's Response to Seth Rogen's Mean Comments Is Shockingly Mature

So, Zac Efron has spent a lot of his Neighbors press tour time talking about balls, and Seth Rogen has spent a lot of time talking about... Justin Bieber. We know: Seth Rogen hates the guy; he's made a public brigade of lambasting the 20-year-old singer. But now, Justin Bieber has responded to Seth Rogen's comments... and it's worth hearing what the maligned crooner has to say.

Rogen has been famously calling Bieber a "piece of shit" and "kind of a dick" — which is, uh, obvious. I'm a dis-beliebers over here, too! It's not like Rogen's the first person or celebrity to show public disdain towards Biebs, either. (In fact, Jon Hamm had some not-so-nice things to say just last week.) But Bieber took to Twitter to express his feelings about Rogen, and he surprisingly didn't have anything negative to say about the Neighbors star.

Ah, the old adage, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. (Perhaps Bieber took some advice from his mom during his Mom-Cation in Asia). But wait — Bieber didn't just stay silent on the matter, he actually said... something nice to the guy who has been literally calling him shit.

Sure, he spelled Rogen's name wrong and had a lot of punctuation mistakes (blame it on the Twitter), but... sounds like he's trying to put out the olive branch to Rogen. Takin' the high road! Now there's a first.

So... which team would you say you're on? Team Rogen...or Team Bieber? Well, I'm on Team Rogen, obviously. Seth Rogen is essentially the celebrity spokesperson for dis-beliebers. Regardless, in this celebrity showdown, Bieber does get one point for responding to Rogen's campaign with kindness.

But just one point, Bieber. Don't get too hotheaded about this one.