19 Finals Week Lessons Courtesy of Rory Gilmore

If TV has given us one academic role model, it's Rory Gilmore. The youngest of the Gilmore Girls managed to get into Harvard, Princeton, and Yale with her high school grades and involvement, while dating, maintaining close friendships, constantly hanging out with her mom, and spending time with her grandparents. There's a lot that Gilmore Girls ' Rory can teach us about finals and as finals week begins at most schools, it's the perfect time to brush up on some of those lessons. And if that means putting off those same finals to watch Gilmore Girls, so be it.

Rory is a rare TV character who's actually seen studying. Sure, The O.C.'s Summer Roberts went to Brown University, but did we ever really see her pick up a book? The same can be said of all the Gossip Girl characters who went to NYU and Columbia. They were teen dramas, so we just went with it, believing that they all had either secretly been getting great grades this whole time or turned it around as soon as they realized they wanted to go to whatever college suited the storyline.

But Rory was different. We watched her struggle to do well, always reaching towards her goal of attending Harvard. She eventually ended up at Yale and presumably went on to have a very successful career as a journalist—after that sixth season rebellious stage.

Here's everything Rory can teach you about getting through finals week.

Always Keep Your Books Handy

You never know when the opportunity to study will arise.

You Might Actually Learn Something Interesting

Prepare to Be Unhealthily Attached to Coffee

And Remember, You'll Need Food Too

Preferably Junk Food

Lorelai always had some lessons to share, too.

It's Important to Get Up Early

Have Some Goals to Motivate You

But Try Not to Stress About the Future

Studying With A Friend Can Make It Fun

Especially a slightly-more-than friend.

Just Try Not to Get Too Competitive

Because That Can Lead to Public Meltdowns

It doesn't get more public than national television.

You'll Probably Get Frustrated

And Overwhelmed

So Take Some Time to Pamper Yourself

If All Else Fails, You Have Your Looks

And whether that matters depends on if you agree more with Lorelai or Rory.

The People Who Love You Will Always Be There

And Even If They Make You Feel A Little Guilty Sometimes

They're Still Proud of You

Okay, so Richard and Emily taught us that one.

So Just Put Your Head Down and Get To It

We're All Rooting For You

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