Perfect Mother's Day Poems For the Pop Culture-Loving Mom In Your Life

On Mother’s Day, we know not everyone in the world has a mom like Beyoncé or Tami Taylor (aka Connie Britton) but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a million moms in the world who don’t also deserve all the props and snaps of Queen Bey. So we’ve written a collection of Mother’s Day poems to help you show your love for the woman who gave ya all the things you shake. These stanzas are perfect for making a DIY Mother’s Day Card, slipping into a cheeky e-mail, or reciting in front of your entire family after three-too-many mimosas.

Whether your relationship is like Rory and Lorelai or more like Dany and her dragons, these Mother’s Day poems are the perfect little way of showing how much you care. It’s impossible to encapsulate everything that mothers are, so we turned to our friends on the big and small screen to help us paint a lyrical picture of their full glory.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful women who selflessly take care of people with humor, kindness, and plenty of sass. Enjoy!

Knowles, a Haiku

Beyonce Might Have

Tina to design her clothes

Still Love Your Mom Jeans

A Poem to a Mother From Her Son, by Ryan Gosling

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Hey mom, I know want to feel special today,

Even if you won’t admit it.

Hey mom, for dinner I’ll stay,

You’re the gravy to my biscuit.

Hey mom, I bought you a bouquet of flowers,

Even though you’re already as sweet.

Just a small token to all of your powers,

Now let me buy you a pedicure and treat those feet.

An Ode to Television Moms

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You gave me tough love like Roseanne,

And made me laugh like Lorelai Gilmore,

You were never cold like Betty Draper,

Or as smothering as Estelle Costanza;

But you were strong like Tami Taylor,

And goofy like Claire Dunphy.

You have the fierceness of Clair Huxtable,

And the selflessness of Marge Simpson.

But you’re better than all of the moms on TV put together,

There’s no script for your wisdom,

Or a director for your kindness,

Because no one could ever write a mom quite like you.

Me Without Mom: A Dejection

Leslie Knope without waffles,

Liz Lemon without a sandwich —


Dr. Mindy Lahiri without wine bras,

Jessica Day without True American —


Daenerys without her dragons,

RuPaul without wigs —


All of it, me without you.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Game of Mothers


I would sleigh a million white walkers,

And fight my way through Westeros,

King’s Landing, Braavos, and Elyria for you.

To me you are Brienne of Tarth and Arya Stark,

Fearless and proud.




Coming home to see you,

Is more satisfying than the Purple Wedding,

More luxurious than Jon Snow’s hair,

More divine than all of Tyrion’s wines.

Brace yourselves,

Mother’s Day is coming.

For My Mother, and for All Women

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For making every day feel like Galentine’s Day,

For making every year feel like the Wonder Years,

For being the Ashburn to my Mullins,

For being a one-woman Central Perk,

Thank you.

For a love as ageless as Cher,

For a bond as tall as Dolly Parton’s hair,

For a home that feels like Stars Hollow,

For a legacy like Meryl’s.

Thank you.

For teaching me to fight like Gloria Steinem,

For teaching me to think like Hillary Clinton,

For teaching me to open minds like Michelle Obama,

For teaching me to stand up like Wendy Davis,

Thank you.

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