'The Bachelor' Season 19 Will Happen All Thanks to Juan Pablo Galavis

Usually, The Bachelor is one show that we can confidently expect to be renewed for another season, but after the complete disaster that was Juan Pablo Galavis, things were a little less certain. Luckily, Juan Pablo didn't kill the entire series and ABC has renewed The Bachelor for a nineteenth season. As exciting as the announcement is for fans of The Bachelor, it should probably worry them too.

As Juan Pablo insulted the women on his show, the gay community, ABC, and basically The Bachelor's viewers, people got pissed, but they kept watching. A few episodes had lower than average ratings, but by the season's end, over nine million people had tuned in to see who Juan Pablo would choose and how that woman would react.

And that's where the problem lies. Juan Pablo attracted a lot of attention and even if much of it was negative, it still kept people talking about The Bachelor. What if ABC wants more of that controversy? They'd probably avoid someone who so obviously combats the network, but they might go for a guy who brings attention in some other way, like his treatment of the women on the show or offscreen antics.

The upcoming season of The Bachelorette has a few men with Juan Pablo potential, and since the next season's Bachelor will probably be one of Andi Dorfman's rejects, there's a good chance it will go to one of the Juan Pablo-esque.

Please ABC, let us be happy that The Bachelor will return once again and redeem the horror of last season. We need a better Bachelor.

Image: ABC