Is Nasim Pedrad Leaving 'SNL'? We Check In On Who's Returning Next Year

She stole America's hearts with her killer nasal Kim Kardashian impression, but have we gotten our last dose of Saturday Night Live's Nasim Pedrad? There's no confirmation yet that Pedrad will be leaving the show that made her famous, but given her new co-starring role on FOX's Mulaney, we bet it's highly possible she may be leaving in the near future. The official word according to The Hollywood Reporter says that given the newer show's New York City location and lack of scheduling conflicts with SNL, will allow Pedrad to pull double duty. Though if the show really takes off, it might be difficult to fulfill her two jobs now that FOX has extended Mulaney's original six-episode order to a meatier ten additional episodes.

Even given the forgiving schedule, it's no mistake that we've been seeing less of Pedrad this season — though Mulaney might not be the only reason that is so. Season 39 featured the largest cast overhaul in the show's history since 1995 with the addition of eight new cast members. It's no wonder there was a little beefing up to do, with recent high profile departures from veteran cast members like Andy Samberg, Bill Hader, Fred Armisen and head writer Seth Meyers. Between eight new hires, that's a lot of screentime to split up, and new characters to explore. Unless they lose a few other Repertory Players, we doubt SNL will add any more talent to Season 40. So for better or for worse, it seems like we've got the SNL cast we're going to have for a while now. Which is fine if it means we get more "Girlfriends Talk Show."

In honor of Pedrad's sweet new TV digs, here are some of our favorite moments from Saturday Night Live's longest running (active) female player.



Reportedly, impersonating the most famous Kardashian was part of Pedrad's original SNL audition. What a great choice that turned out to be; the nation's love, (or is it morbid curiosity) with Kim and Klan doesn't seem to be dying off soon.


It's nice to see Pedrad balance her caricatures and impressions with a balance of sexy, smart, AND silly. We love her send-ups of our favorite news blog mogul, and the accent, well, it's to die for.


Pedrad is shockingly good at the awkward teen thing, which is why we're sort of surprised this great character wasn't touted out more often. A kid so awkward she out-uncools her parents? We've all been there, right?


This send-up of Insane Clown Posse's annual Gathering of the Juggalos video is a spot-on parody, from the faux street talk, chintzy graphics, and exceedingly crazy event features.

We probably won't have to sacrifice our Pedrad fix soon, but it looks like if we want the real deal, we'll have to switch over to Mulaney instead.