If Lindsay Lohan Is Lying About Miscarriage, She Could Face Jail Time

"Uh oh, Lilo" is becoming a phrase I utter way too often. On Monday, news came out that Lindsay Lohan, currently involved in a legal battle over her fashion line that never was, 6126, swore under oath that the miscarriage she revealed on her OWN docu-series is the reason she couldn't make it to court. Unfortunately, that means that if Lohan is lying about the miscarriage, it would now be considered perjury, and she could face jail-time yet again. But we have to believe Lilo when she says she miscarried — least of all, because she was under oath.

No, Lohan does not have the most reputable relationship with the legal system, but her personal demons have often been the reason. She's faced years of addiction and rehab in cycles, landing her time and time again in court. But we just have to believe that she would not lie about something so personal, devastating, and life-altering as a miscarriage, which was pretty courageous of her to reveal on her docu-series in the first place.

It's one thing to speculate whether or not she manufactured the story for the network to garner more buzz and more ratings, but do we really think even Lilo would have it in her to lie under oath about something so grave?

Honestly, I don't think so, and even though Lohan's a dubious character with a lot of faults and flaws, we just can't add "lying under oath about a miscarriage" to the list. Would she perjure herself about a miscarriage in order to avoid some legal ramifications surrounding her fashion line? On her docu-series, she spoke rawly about looking back at herself during the difficult time, emotionally and physically, she was trying to recover from and asked, "Who's helping her?" That's the Lohan that I want to believe, and want to believe in.