Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham's 'Playing House' Shows What A Real Female Best Friendship Is Like

Possibly without even realizing it, the USA network did something great for women: it put Playing House on the air. The comedy is the second TV series starring and created by Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham, following NBC's Best Friends Forever, an amazing series that wasn't given enough of a chance. Luckily, we can stop incessantly complaining over BFF's unjust cancellation and move on to absolutely loving Playing House . One of the best things about the show is its realistic and relatable portrayal of female friendship, which has to be credited to real life best friends St. Clair and Parham.

Playing House really serves as an example of what can happen when women write and produce their own stories. Female friendships are rarely portrayed in films or TV as it is, and it's even harder to find a representation that's actually recognizable to real women. So thank you, USA, for giving St. Clair and Parham a place to showcase their friendship, or really all of our friendships—now please just give them more than six episodes to do it.

In just three episodes, Playing House has delivered a ton of near-perfect moments between its two best friends, Emma (St. Clair) and Maggie (Parham). Here are Playing House's most relatable moments so far.

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