Maya Rudolph Has Joined Twitter, So Let's Celebrate With 5 Of Her Best 'SNL' Moments

Amazing news, Internet users! The incomparable Maya Rudolph has joined the Twitterverse (forgive me for using that phrase) and it is time to celebrate! The consummate entertainer/comedian/actress/musician's long-awaited variety show — appropriately titled The Maya Rudolph Showis finally coming to NBC on May 19 at 10PM. (Not that we're counting down every last hour, minute, and second, mind you.) So it makes sense that the Saturday Night Live alumna would join the social media platform just in time for the variety show special's premiere.

Though her greatness cannot be contained in 140 characters alone, it does seem as though it's a great place for one of the most delightful comedy-humans that's ever existed to have a little fun. I mean, isn't that what Twitter's all about anyway? (Other than the trolls, natch.) On Twitter, you can get silly and creative, and be outlandish to boot — and Rudolph is good at all those things. (Now, if only she could convince Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to hop on board. Then we'd be all set and comedically satisfied. If anyone can do it, it's got to be her, right? I mean, who could say no to Maya Rudolph?)

This all got me thinking about just how great Rudolph's work has been throughout her impressive career. What better way to celebrate Rudolph's arrival to the 21st century than with a look back at some of our favorite moments of hers? That is, before we're forced to add more once The Maya Rudolph Show premieres.

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Maya... never change. But please, please, please follow us on Twitter.