Will Tyler Die On 'The Vampire Diaries?' There's Actually A Really Good Chance He Will

I don't know if we can handle anymore death on The Vampire Diaries , but that's the price of being a TVD fan; people are going to kick the bucket whether you want them to or not. It was just last week that poor, tortured Stefan got his poor, tortured heart ripped out of his chest. But according to TVD's Stefan — AKA Paul Wesley — things will get way worse for another character. Could Wesley be referring to TVD's Tyler, whose body is currently being used as a vessel for a Traveler? It sure seems like it. According to Wesley's interview with Entertainment Weekly:

Without revealing too much, it actually is much worse for another character.... The cliffhanger in season 5 is that one of the leads ends up in a place that is quite dismal-looking for future hope.

While no one is safe from death on The Vampire Diaries (hello, Stefan) We think that Tyler is the one most at risk here. Why? Well, to put it bluntly, Tyler is kind of pointless. (Apologies, Michael Trevino) Think about it: What purpose does Tyler serve on the show? In the most recent episodes, it wasn't even Tyler who had a purpose, but his body, which was inhabited by a Traveler. Prior to that, Tyler shamed Caroline for sleeping with Klaus and moped and whined about his life over shots at the Mystic Grill.

Tyler's entire time on the show didn't revolve around Caroline, but their forbidden romance was one of Tyler's primary storylines. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Caroline (or fans) are that interested in a Tyler and Caroline reunion. Though many fans want Klaroline back on, it seems that the show is trying to slide Stefan in as Caroline's love interest. (You do not get jealous if you think your friend is hooking up with her ex... unless you're secretly in love with him.) Sure, technically Stefan is "dead," but we doubt that will last forever. If Caroline doesn't need Tyler, the show might not, either.

Then there's the fact that killing off Tyler is the most logical option. He's not even himself at the moment — Tyler's body has been completely taken over. If the gang can't figure out how to get Tyler back and has to kill the Traveler in Tyler's body, they needn't worry that they are killing off their friend. If Tyler is already "gone," well, then, there's no reason for his Mystic Falls friends to keep his body around. (Which is a real shame, because he's some pretty great eye candy.)

It sucks that The Vampire Diaries always has a black cloud of doom surrounding the characters, but if Tyler is the one who goes, well, at least it's not Caroline.

Image: CW