Lisa Vanderpump's PUMP is Staffed Entirely By Men, So Why no Love for the Ladies?

Watch out Stassi, it looks like Lisa Vanderpump might have a new favorite staff. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules star revealed the staff of Lisa Vanderpump's new West Hollywood restaurant, PUMP, on Monday. And there's a surprising omission from her new set of employees — women. Clearly Vanderpump is so over all of that girl drama the ladies of SUR dragged her through in Season 2. On the one hand, I don't blame her — but couldn't we have been a little bit more equal opportunity, Lisa?

The reality star and restauranteur is gearing up for the opening of her third L.A. eatery on May 15. And apparently she meant it when she told L.A. Times that she wants everything to be sexy — including her staff. In the photo Vanderpump posted on her Twitter page on Monday evening, the VP Rules producer is surrounded by an exceptional number of pink shirt and tie-clad gentleman that rival Jax and Tom for best looking people in the service industry. (Let's just hope that they don't share the same taste in women.)

Is the blatant lack of female staff Vanderpump's way of telling us she's totally over dealing with girl drama within her ranks? And, I know, Jax wasn't a girl and he caused a majority of the problems on VP Rules, but Kristen and Stassi were butting heads way before that cheating bombshell dropped. Clearly Mama Lisa is no longer down with her girls crying in front of customers and sleeping with her friend's husbands (cough Kristen). But the real question is, which of these guys is the new Stassi Schroeder? And are we getting a Bravo series for PUMP? I hope so.

See the photo here:

Image: LisaVanderpump/Twitter