What Will The 'Glee' Characters Do Before Season 6? Here's What We Predict

Goodbye, Season 5 of Glee. You were... weird. From leaving McKinley for good midseason to Rachel considering ditching her Funny Girl show for the West Coast, Season 5 of Glee was truly like nothing we've ever seen before and Season 6 of Glee will surely top that. For the first time in a long time, the Glee characters are going completely separate ways — Rachel to Los Angeles, Sam back to McKinley, Mercedes on tour, and Blaine, Brittany and Kurt back to their old digs in New York. The group (minus Santana — so sad!) promised to meet up again in six months, which means that, with Ryan Murphy's promised time jump, we won't see our characters again for months. So what are they doing in the mean time? Here's what I predict...


We saw Sam return to McKinley High at the end of the Season 5 finale after (finally!) achieving his dream of getting his abs on a bus. While it was surprising to see Sam return to his roots — wasn't modeling his dream job, anyway? — it actually sort of makes sense. If Sam heads back to McKinley, we could finally get the wrap-up that Ryan Murphy promised us about the "new" New Direction kids — perhaps we will see Sam briefly coaching a new crop of kids, or, at least, running some other intramural club. (The Matthew McConaughey Fan Club, perhaps?)


Blaine was always the "New Rachel," so it would make sense to see Blaine's name light up Broadway. It's clear that he has the talent, plus, unlike Rachel, his dreams seem to be focused on performing and using his gifts — not on fame. With the support of a "patron of the arts" behind him, it makes a ton of sense for Blaine to get a breakout role. He would be the perfect Fiyero in Wicked, don't you think?


Did you see that mall performance? The woman is way too fierce to be performing in front of Claire's and Auntie Ann's Pretzels. She's going on tour for a few months, but I have a feeling that by the time six months rolls around, Mercedes will have a song hit the top ten on iTunes... and will be competing with Jennifer Hudson for a role in the (fictional) Dream Girls 2.


Artie may not have a Broadway show under his belt or an upcoming tour, but the guy is doing exactly what he should be doing at age 19 — figuring stuff out. Artie should spend the next six months making new college friends, working on his short films, and impressing his professors. Ultimately, Artie's journey is all about independence — without his former high school friends to rely on, he'll definitely learn just how capable he is all on his own.


Brittany showed up pretty much out of the blue during the Season 5 finale and (thank God) did not actually sleep with Blaine. She didn't have a huge role in the finale, but she did bring back some of her signature dance moves. Could she be Mercedes newest backup dancer? They did look amazing together on the stage — and Mercedes could use a friend to keep her diva-attitude in check while on tour.


Here's an unpopular opinion for you: Kurt should stop performing. No, I'm not saying he should quit NYADA (he should definitely nab that degree — he worked way too hard to get in!) but Kurt is immensely talented in hundreds of ways. Remember when he was a Vogue.com intern? Remember how fun that was? I would love to see Kurt spending his six months taking a step back from the constant drama of the, well, drama world, and focus on his other interests — like fashion. I mean, did you even see the amazing New York skyline suit he was wearing in the finale? Dude can dress.


I expected that Rachel would become a diva nightmare if she got a pilot deal, and weirdly... the exact opposite happened. Somehow seeing her life fictionalized made her respect and appreciate her friends even more — and that's awesome. Clearly the show is setting Rachel up for a major TV career in Los Angeles, which, though a different dream than playing Fanny on Broadway, is definitely going to get Rachel what she ultimately wants — fame. In six months Rachel could become a bonafide TV star — unless, you know, her pilot totally flops. (Most pilots flop, remember?) Given all the hype over Rachel's new TV show, it seems unlikely, but even if it does, Rachel always seems to land on her feet. Let's hope that she keeps this new, diva-free attitude in the new season — regardless of the outcome of her TV career.

Image: Fox