'Reign' Is Renewed For Season 2 & We’ve Got Predictions Worthy of Mary Queen of Scots

It's finally time to take a break from our French vacation: The CW will close out Thursday night with Reign’s Season 1 finale. But fret not, this won’t be the last time we’ll see the completely inaccurate retelling of Mary, Queen of Scots’ adolescent years on our small screens. The CW renewed Reign for Season 2 this past winter, and we could not be more relieved. The guilty pleasure hour which showcased royals behaving badly has quickly become must-see TV.

What can we look forward to happening in Reign’s second season? There’s no telling what the writers have in store for us. Just consider all that has happened already. Mary is in a love triangle with brothers Bash & Francis, she's dated them both, and she's been betrothed to them both before finally marrying Francis.

Her ladies-in-waiting have been just as busy. Greer finally got her hands on a man with a title (Lord Julien) but is still hopelessly in love with Leith, who has to be her one true love. Kenna started a relationship with King Henry and aspired for permanent side-ho status only to fall short numerous times. Henry eventually cast her aside and hooked her up with his son, Bash. Lola got pregnant with Francis’ baby and only she and her gossiping friends know that the future king’s bastard child is growing in her belly. Also, her new husband is a total fraud, and there is this thing in the woods feeding on humans.

If Reign is breaking all the rules — like ending a love triangle before four seasons of moans and groans — we can get a wild and crazy too in our predictions for the forthcoming season. Check out our theories on some of the extremes plotlines the show may adopt.

Mary Will Best Catherine

Okay, this one isn’t that farfetched. Mary has won a few small victories against Catherine, but the current Queen of France has fought to maintain her title and secure her family’s future. She won’t be undone by a few small battles, but she has routinely underestimated Mary and it will lead to her downfall sooner rather than later. Mary has also shown herself willing to go further than both Catherine and fans of the show assumed she would. The weight of being a queen will weigh heavily on the Queen of Scots and her marriage. Would Reign be brave enough to turn her into a villain, if only for a short time?

Kenna Will Become the Good Wife

If you would’ve told me earlier on in the season that Kenna would be the one with a happy marriage I would have given you some serious side-eye. And yet, somehow Kenna and Bash’s relationship works. While Mary is busy scheming to get her way even when it contradicts Francis’ wishes, Kenna will be the one standing by her man’s side. Kash, like all good couples, will pray for the downfall of their enemies and plot out their schemes together. Bash will realize that he lucked into love, but it may not be enough to keep him from pursuing Mary, at least during sweeps anyway.

Bash Will Get Mary Pregnant

Bash and Mary’s secret relationship will be consummated and she’ll get pregnant. She should be able to reasonably explain any differences in appearance between Francis and his half-brother’s child. But a problem could arise if the child has a pagan birthmark. The scar could be so significant that the child will be cast aside and sent down to live in the tunnels with Catherine’s disfigured child/assassin Clarissa. It would help complete Mary’s transformation into Catherine and symbolize the changes she’s made since arriving in the castle. Francis will eventually become aware of the betrayal and make Lola his mistress. Tell me that doesn’t sound like something that would totally happen.

Lola’s Baby Will Be the AntiChrist

While we’re on the subject of Lola — her forthcoming baby can’t be allowed to enter the show with his or her parentage being the only scandal. Something will happen during her birth and resident doctor Nostradamus will be called in to oversee the delivery. Because he seems incapable of not bringing calamity with him, he will mix-up the oils meant to calm Lola and instead create a concoction that not only causes Lola extreme pain, but also turns the child into the antichrist. The baby will belong to the monster in the woods, who is surely the Devil, right? The supernatural infant will obtain bodies for its father by being the force behind a series of random murders within the castle.

Leith Will Be Revealed as a Prince

In a Disney-inspired surprise twist, Leith will reveal to the court that he is actually Prince of some far off land — which could actually prove to be a useful ally as the war rages on. Stunned, Francis will declare that he always liked Leith. Henry will scoff and then immediately offer Leith any woman in the kingdom including his wife if he can deliver him a victory. All other eyes will be on Greer who will be in a state of disbelief. She won’t be able to get over how close she came to marrying a prince, and will regret her decision to marry Lord Castleroy. As Leith leaves town with a harem of women, his parting words will be: “This could’ve been us, but you was playin’…”

Our theories are probably tame in comparison to the ride in store for us. Still Reign will have to go pretty far to surprise us in its sophomore season.

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