17 Style Lessons Michelle Tanner Taught Us All

When it comes to '90s baby style, no one nailed the look quite like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's trendy tot, Michelle Tanner. She had tons of 'tude, and an envious collection of hair scrunchies to compliment her confidence along with her printed playsuits. I know "The Rachel" was supposed to be the haircut of the times, but 4-year-old me was way more about "The Michelle" — blunt bangs and sky-high double ponytails.

Even though Full House has (aside from syndication) been off the air for almost ten years and MK & A have gracefully made their transition from child stars to a glamorous design team, Michelle's spunky toddler style lives on in the form of "You got it dude!" GIFs and nostalgic Tumblrs. She was one of my first fashion icons (I was born just a few years after the twins, so I'm speaking literally here) and, clearly, I'm still a little hung up on the stylish beginnings of the Olsen twins. Would we even have The Row or Elizabeth & James if Michelle hadn't had such a great costume designer? Probably not.

She might not have even hit double digits during the show's run, but Michelle still provided us all with some valuable fashion lessons that, honestly, could be applied to our grown up wardrobes today. Here are some of her very best.

1. Every Girl Needs The Perfect Leather Jacket

It just automatically makes you one of the cool kids.

2. Sunglasses Edge Up Your Femme Formalwear

Talk about prom inspo.

3. Workout Gear Should Always Be Color Coordinated

Just because you're at the gym doesn't mean you get to look like a slob, dude.

4. Learn How To Layer

Pairing two patterns can be rough, so stick to solids over stripes.

5. Stock Up On Bows

They seriously go with every single outfit.

6. Hats, Too

You can never have too many accessories, probably.

7. Oh, And Scrunchies

The bigger, the better.

8. Want To Look Tough? Suspenders.

Sun's out, gun's out, amirite?

9. Don't Be Afraid To Experiment With Unexpected Pieces

Tutus can be surprisingly chic when done the right way.

10. Don't Feel Forced To Go "Sexy" For Halloween

A clever, topical costume is always sure to be a hit.

11. Clothes With Cats Are Unequivocally Cool

So stop calling me crazy, okay everyone?!

12. And Dogs Work Too

Ugh, fine. If Michelle says so.

13. Florals Are Always On Point

Especially paired with chambray accessories.

14. And Overalls Are Forever In Style

So retro-chic.

15. Side Ponytails Are The Happiest Hairstyle

Walk into work rocking one of these suckers, and you're guaranteed to make everyone smile.

16. But Two At Once Works Too

And please refer to rule #7.

17. And, Finally, Rock The Graphic Sweatshirt If You're Going To Be In A Band

The frontwoman should always make a statement.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy