Robin Thicke & Miley Cyrus' Billboard Awards Performances Are Trouble for Paula Patton

Usually, there's not too much to say about the Billboard Awards. Popular artists win awards and perform, we watch and mock their outfits. This Sunday's awards, however, are shaping up to be much more interesting than past shows, thanks to its growing list of performers. On Thursday it was announced that Robin Thicke will perform at the Billboard Awards and though that alone is cause for alarm, it gets worse. It's rumored that Thicke will use his performance to try to win back his estranged wife Paula Patton. And that's not all. Guess who else will be performing on Sunday? Miley Cyrus, the person supposedly at the center of Thicke and Patton's split.

With all of the attention that Cyrus and Thicke's performance brought to the MTV VMAs last summer, the Billboard Awards will undoubtedly want their own version of the now infamous performance. But since that same performance allegedly humiliated Patton and was the first incident that lead to her and Thicke's separation, Thicke is going to have to choose what he would rather do at the Billboard Awards— try to get his wife back or get people talking about him again by performing with Cyrus.

Currently it seems like he'll go with the former. TMZ reported that Thicke will premiere a new song at the awards titled, what else, "Get Her Back." Of course even if Thicke stays far, far away from Cyrus all night, there's no guarantee that his desperate plea to Patton will work. A public performance started their issues, but that doesn't mean another will solve them. In fact, it probably means the opposite.

If Patton was embarrassed by Thicke's antics at the VMAs, she'll probably feel the same way about him publicly begging her to take him back at the Billboard Awards. He's already tried dedicating songs to her at his own concerts, increasing the audience size isn't likely to affect her feelings.

If Thicke really wants his wife back, then no, he shouldn't perform with Cyrus at the Billboard Awards, but he also shouldn't turn his performance into a public apology. For his sake and the audience's, Thicke needs to deliver a regular performance and work out his issues with Patton in private. Then maybe she could start to take him seriously.