'Breaking Bad's Emmy Campaign Billboards Promise One Final Goodbye — PHOTOS

It's been a long, difficult eight months since Breaking Bad aired its finale episode last September. In the time since, fans have had to make do with reading about Better Call Saul, buying tickets to Godzilla, and savoring the few, rare moments when the cast got back together, such as at February's Golden Globes or the New York premiere of Cranston's Broadway play. Nothing has done much to lesson the pain that is living in a world without Breaking Bad, but one piece of news just might do the trick: Breaking Bad is eligible for this year's Emmy Awards, meaning that fans of the show will get to see its cast come together one last time.

Technically, this isn't really news. When it was first announced that AMC would split Breaking Bad's final season into two parts back in 2011, it was implied that the first year's episodes would be eligible for the 2013 awards season, and the second year's would be eligible for 2014's. Yet since the show has been off the air for so long now, it wasn't until AMC released their first "for your consideration" Breaking Bad billboards on Monday that we remembered that that meant we'd be seeing our beloved cast reunited once more, for the final time, in just three months.

A print campaign will come in June, but for now, the Bad Emmy promotion consists of billboards all around Los Angeles featuring Walter White's face, as well as the somewhat awkward tagline of "over but not done." Seriously, AMC, of all the lines you could've picked, you choose that bland, unimaginative combination of words? We guess all their advertising people are too busy writing up the final season of Mad Men to help spice up the slogans for other shows' "for your consideration" billboards, but come on.

So, Breaking Bad fans, there's only a few months until the cast of that incredible show comes together for the very last time. It'll be sad; after that night, there will be no more opportunities for Aaron Paul to shout "yeah, bitch!" in Bryan Cranston's ear, or for Dean Norris to pull his less enthusiastic castmates onto the afterparty dance floor. Yet seeing the ensemble reunited once more, and, presumably win a handful of Emmys, will help to bring closure to those of us who still can't get over that we'll never get to see another new Bad episode again. Well, that's what we're telling ourselves, at least; more likely than not, Emmy night will consist of us crying on the couch, yelling at Vince Gilligan through the TV to bring back Breaking Bad. So really, just any other Sunday.

Check out the ads below:

Image: AMC