Joe Manganiello's 'La Bare' Stripper Doc is Exactly Like 'Magic Mike' in These 13 Ways

So, attractive actorman and professional muscle mass, Joe Manganiello has been bitten by the directorial bug. Following his time in the Citizen Kane of stripper movies (please never ever ever let it live down that tagline), Magic Mike , Manganiello became fascinated by the seedy underworld and folks that live the world in which Magic Mike — and, likely, its forthcoming sequel — takes place. After several years of no-doubt harrowing research and recording, the trailer for La Bare is finally here.

And by the looks of it: the two films have quite a lot in common! Granted, that was sort of inevitable given the fact that they share a subject matter. But still: there's more than even you probably think. So we've decided to break it all down for you.

There are Stripper Cops

I suppose the real question here is: is there a stripper that hasn't played a cop at least once in his career?

And Many Cowboy Hats


Lots of Working Out

And Not a Sleeve in Sight

Why wear sleeves when you can instead provide free tickets to the GUN SHOW?

The Patrons are Kinda Sad

"[The strippers] just give you, like, this confidence."

"Even though every time I get a hug I give them a dollar, I still feels like they're my friends."

"To get used to a girl asking to pay your bills is kinda weird, but I haven't said 'no' yet."

The Dance Moves are Ridiculous



Dongs for Dollars for DAYS

There are Patron/Stripper Hook-Ups

WHOA Alex Pettyfer, keep your tongue in your mouth when you're on the job.

In La Bare? There's the line "Eventually you're going to have to try the candy."

There's Danger

One of the strippers highlighted in La Bare? Yeah he's dead because someone killed him. And The Kid was certainly in plenty danger when he was doing all those drugs and generally very-bad things.

They Both Call Someone Magic Mike

Guys, meet the real Magic Mike:

Two Words: Joe Manganiello

Mmmmm hmmmmm.

They Both Have Trailers...and Here's the One for La Bare

Image: Warner Bros. [4]/ Main Street Films; Vimeo [6]; giphy [2]