Maya Rudolph & Kristen Bell Parody a 'Frozen' Sequel So Hopefully Disney is Taking Notes — VIDEO

Are you one of those rare people who actually trusts Disney with sequel movies? Were you able to forget the pointless Little Mermaid 2, the stupid The Fox and the Hound 2, and the boring Cinderella 2? Or is your love for Frozen just strong enough that you'd be willing to suffer through a bad movie as long as you got to see Elsa and Anna again? Luckily for all of us, Maya Rudolph was more than willing to give us a preview of a Frozen sequel during the premiere of The Maya Rudolph Show Monday night. Featuring Kristen Bell as a guest star, Rudolph and Bell sang select tunes from Frozen 2 and, honestly, it doesn't sound much worse than what Disney could have come up with.

Bell sang a brand new version of "For the First Time in Forever" that I am titling "Frozen Again", which detailed, of course, how the kingdom was frozen again. Rudolph then stepped in as the missing third princess of Arendelle, Marla, who had been modeling in Paris during the events of the first movie and had powers opposite to those of Elsa: she thawed everything because she was too hot. Kristoff also reappears in the sequel, although he has apparently left Anna for Marla in the time between the two movies.

Luckily, Anna doesn't let this get her down. After all, this is the girl who scaled a mountain to talk to her sister after a fight. Does anything ever get her down for long? Frozen 2: Frozen Again might not be exactly what Disney has in mind for the future of their characters, but I would definitely watch it, if only because it sounds different from what anyone would expect from any Disney movie let alone a sequel.

The Frozen sketch was just one of many hilarious musical numbers that Rudolph put on during her show's premiere, which more than proved that variety shows are, perhaps, even more relevant now than they were in the past. If it gets us more Frozen musical numbers, then who are we to complain?

Watch a clip from the sketch below.

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Image: NBC