Things Got a Little Too Steamy Last Night

Is it hot in here, or are we just still feeling the heat from last night's Dancing With The Stars? That was freaking SMOKING. Naturally, you probably want to re-live Maks and Meryl's steamy performance, which, out of context, looks so unbelievably sexy that, had you not known it was from a family-friendly dance competition on ABC, you might have assumed it was from something NSFW. But nope! Just Meryl and Maks, radiating the universe with their aching chemistry. Their eyes scream, " I WANT YOU."

First we had their Argentine tango was filled with the subtle sexiness of passion and desire — after all, the tango is a dance of passion. That dance you can roll off your shoulders a little bit, and say, "hey, the tango is sexy anyway! No big!" But then their freestyle — oh man. First of all, the two were essentially naked, rolling on the ground, passionately gripping at each other. Meryl's dance attire was flesh colored. Dare I say it this was pretty close to dance-sex? This was dance-sex. So HOW ARE THEY NOT REALLY A THING!?

Still thinking about it? Let's take a look at some of those smoldering moments.

Look at Meryl stare at Maks with those eyes. Basically she's saying, I want you.

So close to a kiss!

This is what passion looks like, mis amigos.

But then, the two got nearly nude.

This happened.

So did this.

Look how tightly she's gripping him! I swear, this is like Titanic. She'll never let go, Maks! She'll never let go!

Subtext: Let's take this off stage, please.

This is probably as close to a kiss as two humans can get without actually kissing, right?

Re-live the steamy magic in its entirety by watching the videos of their performances! Here's the full-of-sexy-subtext tango:

And here's the free-style because nothing says free-style like a shirtless Maks dancing with his Meryl.

Image: ABC; Youtube; Youtube