What Will She Sing at Kimye's Wedding?

by Kadeen Griffiths

It's just one of the many rumors swirling around about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding, all of which will be confirmed or rebuffed in only a few more days, but it sounds plausible enough. Lana Del Rey will be performing at the Kimye wedding, reflecting both Kim's love for Del Rey's "Young and Beautiful" and Kanye's love for Kim, considering he made sure that song was playing when he proposed to Kim back in 2013.

Del Rey was reported to want nothing to do with performing live for Kimye before, according to reports that she had turned down Kanye's request to perform "Young and Beautiful" live for his proposal, but she later denied that she had ever received such a request. It's pretty much a given that if Del Rey really is performing at the Kimye wedding, then "Young and Beautiful" is going to be the song that she sings no matter how predictable that may be.

However, since Kanye failed to get Seth Rogen and James Franco to perform "Bound 3" live before the wedding, that will leave Del Rey with a lot more time and creative room to really give Kim and Kanye an unforgettable night. It's not as though Del Rey is short of mildly depressing love songs she can serenade the soon-to-be husband and wife with. In fact, "Young and Beautiful" aside, Del Rey will probably have the hardest time narrowing it down to the most appropriate ones for her show stopping encore.

"Off To The Races"

If Kanye and Kim want to give their wedding the same kind of "'03 Bonnie & Clyde" feel that Jay Z and Beyoncé are giving their upcoming summer tour, then having Del Rey perform "Off to the Races" would be right up their alley. Nothing says true love like old school gangster imagery.

"Video Games"

The fact that this song contains a lyric like "Heaven is a place on earth with you" and yet still manages to be one of the most depressing love songs I've ever heard really says a lot. It's all in the music rather than in the lyrics, which are actually very romantic. It would be perfect for slow dancing.

"National Anthem"

"National Anthem" opens with the lyrics "Money is the anthem of success" and Kim and Kanye are two of the most highly paid entertainers out there, regardless of how entertaining you actually find them. If any song of Del Rey's was going to capture the spirit of Kimye's romance, this one would be it.

"Lucky Ones"

"Young and Beautiful" might be Kim's favorite Lana Del Rey song, but "Lucky Ones" should be a staple of every wedding everywhere, let alone one of the most anticipated weddings since the royal wedding of 2011. It's romantic and upbeat and practically screams First Dance.

"Without You"

"Without You" basically has the same message as Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You", in that all of the riches and fame and wealth in the world doesn't mean a thing without love. Kim and Kanye are both known for living lavish lifestyles, so it would be a nice message to send that their love transcends all that.

With all of these songs in Del Rey's arsenal, only having her sing "Young and Beautiful" would be a waste of a musical guest. Hopefully Kimye won't let themselves miss out on getting the most bang for their buck.