Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's New Movie Won't Be Anything Like 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith,' Unfortunately

Brangelina isn't interested in making Mr. and Mrs. Smith 2... at least, not for their next venture. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are working on a new film together, but just what the new film will be about has largely been a mystery. If you were hoping for a sequel to the film where Jolie and Pitt fell in love, well, that's definitely not on the table. According to Jolie, her new film venture with the father of her children will be quite the opposite. In an interview on Tuesday with Extra, Jolie had this to say about the film:

It's not a big movie, it's not an action movie... It's the kind of movie we love, but aren't often cast in. It's a very experimental, independent-type film where we get to be actors together and be really raw, open, try things.

My first thought when I read this quote was that Jolie is going to be making her very own version of Ryan Gosling's Lost River . If that's what she wants to do, hey, more power to her. (Hopefully hers won't be slammed at Cannes.) Still, part of me wishes that the next venture for Jolie and Pitt was an action movie.

Maybe I'm nostalgic for the Lara Croft Tomb Raider and Ocean's Eleven days, but I can't help but think of how much fun a summer blockbuster starring Jolie and Pitt would be. They did action together with Mr. and Mrs. Smith and should consider trying it again. Mr. and Mrs. Smith was just so fun. Is a sequel to Mr. and Mrs. Smith — perhaps one where the two have a brood of kids who they must protect from the "bad guys" — too much to ask for in the near future?

Think about what makes a good action film — sure, it's the explosions and the fighting and all of that, but it's also the palpable chemistry between the co-stars. It's what keeps the stakes of the film high. It's what made Mr. and Mrs. Smith enjoyable — the familiar plot was fleshed out by the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Smith really did appear to have a true passion for one another.

There's no word yet on what Jolie and Pitt's latest film will actually be about, but I hope that it's different and exciting.