Brad Pitt & Bruno Mars' Performance of "Sex Machine" Will Definitely Make You Smile — VIDEO

Brad Pitt's having a really genial week, isn't he? Usually he's off in some aloof corner of the world, frolicking with his gaggle of children or debating which movie he shall choose to appear in next. He's a movie star in the old fashioned sense of the word, somehow retaining a thick layer of glamour despite our attempts to reveal his hidden flaws. But this week Pitt threw a beer to Matthew McConaughey, and now Brad Pitt's performing with Bruno Mars??!! It's almost like he's a celebrity of the modern age, meme-ing it up with the rest of us.

Brad & Bruno would be a great name for a dark, weird buddy comedy starring Pitt and Mars — I'm picturing something kind of like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang but campier and with more tambourines — but that doesn't appear to be what drew the actor and musician together. It was the winds of fate, and/or the Make It Right Foundation Gala that gave us this dynamic duo. Pitt helped organize the Gala, and it's the reason he was in New Orleans to throw McConaughey a beer in the first place.

Mars performed at the gala and, presumably sensing the bohemian spirit of Pitt nearby, invited him onstage to wail on a tambourine to a James Brown song. Mars makes several Benjamin Button references. You can witness the video evidence this beautiful moment below:

Curtis Callaway on YouTube