9 Times 'DWTS' Meryl Davis & Maks Chmerkovskiy Proved Their Love Off the Dance Floor — PHOTOS

Now that Dancing with the Stars is over, there's a more compelling mystery to be solved than just who is going home with the trophy. Are Meryl Davis and Maks Chemerkovskiy going to date now or what? The couple have been assaulting us all season with their chemistry both on and off the dance floor and despite their relationship beginning and ending with Maks insisting that he wanted to marry her, there has been no formal announcement of their nuptials just yet. Surely they've been watching themselves all season? You just can't fake that level of compatibility. Ask Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

Despite the fact that Maks and Meryl had sizzling dance routines, it wasn't just their routines that had everyone more captivated by their relationship than they were by the competition itself. If it was just the dancing, then it would be a lot easier to get over them. Even when they weren't on the dance floor, the two of them could be found hanging out, joking around, and generally acting like love sick idiots who just needed to kiss already. They weren't ashamed about it either, though they remained coy on the subject of whether or not they were going to take their on-screen romance off-screen.

Until we hear one way or another — and, to be honest, even if we hear otherwise — we're just going to need to keep reflecting on the heart-melting moments that made Maks and Meryl, well, Maks and Meryl. Dancing happens several times a season, but Maks and Meryl were a one time goldmine of gorgeous moments that wouldn't be out of place in a Nicholas Sparks novel.

1. The First Time They Met

2. The Forehead Kiss

3. You Can Hold My Hand Anytime

4. The Fairytale Hug

5. The Reunion Hug

6. That Time He Didn't Want to Talk About Other Women

7. That Time They Sipped Cocktails In Nola

8. That Time They Wore Matching Outfits

9. The Big Russian Babies

Image: ABC; maksimc/Instagram; meryledavis/Instagram