'Community's Britta is Coming to 'Girls'

by Rachel Simon

The last time we saw Gillian Jacobs on our TVs, she was appearing on the series finale of Community, working to save Greendale and ending her engagement to Jeff (Joel McHale). It's only been a month since the show's end, but already, we miss seeing the actress on our screens every week — and apparently, we're not the only ones, as Jacobs was just cast in a recurring role on Girls ' next season.

According to TVLine, Jacobs will have a substantial role on the HBO show's upcoming fourth season, premiering in 2015, playing a character called Mimi-Rose Howard. Her first appearance will be in episode five, fittingly titled "Mimi-Rose." Nothing else is known about the role, although that certainly doesn't mean we can't speculate. Like Marin Ireland, Desiree Akhavan, and Peter Mark Kendall before her, Jacobs could very well be playing one of Hannah's classmates at the Iowa Writers Workshop. Or, perhaps, she'll appear as a new love interest for Adam, assuming the burgeoning Broadway star and Hannah break up once she leaves for the Midwest as they should, although Hannah certainly wouldn't be happy about that. Maybe, Jacobs could even appear as an old flame of Jessa, who showed in the season three premiere that her heterosexuality wasn't exactly set in stone.

Really, though, it barely matters what role Jacobs has, because we know that regardless of who she plays, we'll be tuning in to see her appear. Community hasn't been off the air that long, but that doesn't mean we aren't excited to see a member of its amazing ensemble book a new job on yet another show we love. Perhaps Jacobs will bring a few of her former castmates along with her when she joins Girls; Donald Glover's already had a part, but who says the girls of Girls couldn't use a little Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, or Alison Brie in their lives? Hey, if we're never getting that sixth season and a movie, the least TV can do is make sure the Community cast keeps showing up on our screens.