What Ever Happened To Glen From 'Mad Men'?

by Casey Rackham

Listen — there are a lot of creepy problems with Glen Bishop from Mad Men , but that doesn't mean I don't wonder where he's gone off to from time to time. Sally (and Betty) Draper's on-again-off-again-sociopathic-maybe boyfriend has induced some unpleasant creep-o chills whenever he's in an episode. Why? Because something is seriously not right with that kid. But, I mean, obviously something would be wrong with him because who even spells Glenn with only one "n"? Strike number one. Update: THIS is what happened to Glen Bishop.

Marten Holden Weiner, the actor who plays Glen and who also happens to be Matthew Weiner's son (anyone else smell a little Coppola family-like nepotism going on?) has done a freakishly fantastic job of being one of the biggest weirdos on the AMC show. From his sociopathic tendencies (putting eggs in everyone's beds except for Sally's) to his pervy fascination with Betty ("Can I have some of your hair?"), Glen has mastered the soon-to-have-his-own-serial-killer-Wikipedia-page archetype. Just one look in those dead, round eyes and you know that he's capable of doing twisted things your mind isn't even able to fathom. The problem is, we haven't seen him since he showed a somewhat-not-deranged vibe by saving Sally from some unwanted kisses from the wannabe poetry slam guy in the black turtleneck, and I don't trust him when I don't know exactly what he's doing.

The issue with Glen vanishing into thin air is that he's definitely one of those guys who shouldn't be left alone without supervision, and without us keeping an eye on him (via our TVs), he could be doing god knows what to some next door neighbor's poor dog. Now, I'm not suggesting that Matthew Weiner should put him in every remaining episode (because that would be too much to handle), but maybe he should bring him back for just one more Glen-and-Betty interaction to fulfill the creepy quota for the rest of the series (although, we already got Michael Ginsberg's nipple in a box, so it's got to be pretty grotesque to beat that.)

But just in case the elder Weiner doesn't include a Glen plotline in the final episodes, here are some potential guesses of what the boy from next door is doing with his life:

1. He's wearing an orange jumpsuit.

I could definitely see him being locked up in jail. He'd be one of those inmates who gets enjoyment out of mind-f**cking the government-paid psychologist that he has to meet with once a week.

2. He's pulling a Catch Me If You Can.

I wouldn't put it past Glen to spend his life impersonating random people. Why? Once again, because he's a sociopath.

3. He's the leader of a cult.

You know that cult Margaret-turned-Marigold is in? Glen's actually running things at that farm.

And if none of those theories fulfill your weird Glen Bishop needs, I only kind of suggest checking out his creepy (and uncomfortable) Twitter:

Images: AMC; giphy