Jennifer Lawrence's Story About Puking at the Oscars With Miley Cyrus Is a Must-Watch — VIDEO

J. Law is so freaking candid, delightful, and funny, that it's hard to not want to be her friend. That's a tough one, considering she's famous, and besides, she has one best friend, anyway, whom she took the the Academy Awards — and it was said BFF, by the way, who was in part the reason why Jennifer Lawrence threw up after the Oscars. She recalled the very funny story to Seth Meyers on Wednesday night's edition of Late Night.

J. Law's best friend, Laura, had inquired if she could accompany her to the Oscars, and apparently, this resulted in a great time for the both of them — and some serious post-show drinking. She recounts the story of how she summoned over Brad Pitt and observed that he smells excellent, to say the least. Then suddenly, she found herself vomiting on a porch at a fancy party — because, hey, we all make mistakes, right? She recalls that she looked behind her and there was — you'll never guess who — standing there, giving her a disdainful look of "get it together."

Who was that sneering celebrity? Ironically enough, Ms. Miley Cyrus.

You've got to watch the perennially endearing Oscar-winning and red carpet-tripping actress recount this very funny story in her signature style. Despite the vomit, you may even wish you were there with her. Check it out:

Late Night with Seth Meyers on YouTube