Channing Tatum Is Dying To Be Gambit In 'X-Men,' So Let's Make This Happen, Hollywood! — VIDEO

Channing Tatum is many things — he's candid, he's a skilled dancer, and oh, those abs. But let's add something to that list — he'll be Gambit in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. Well, like, it's 99 percent sure that he'll be Gambit. If you're itching to see Tatum in mutant form, rest assured, you're not alone. Channing Tatum himself is dying to be in X-Men , so he, too, is hoping that this deal comes to fruition. Sure, there have been talks and it seems like it's been confirmed, but everything is not completely done yet, as some dotted lines have yet to be signed. But hey, if Tatum's crossing his fingers, it sounds like we're in a good place.

Tatum spoke to The Hollywood Reporter when he was at the Cannes Film Festival promoting his new movie Foxcatcher and while he didn't say anything about his upcoming stripper sequel, he did say that he was definitely in talks to play Gambit, but that he was scared to actually say, "Yup, this is for sure," in case that jinxed it. Awww. He believes in jinxing things. However, he did say that he was "dying to do it." Sweet.

It's worth mentioning that if Tatum gets to be a part of this superhero franchise, he may have one of the most diverse resumes out there in Hollywood. Foxcatcher? Magic Mike and its sequel Magic Mike XXL? And X-Men? If you combine those three you get "award-worthy stripper superhero." Boom.

Check out Tatum's comments regarding Gambit below. Spoiler alert: no visible abs this time.