Scheana's New Kitten Is Too Cute

Scheana Marie of Vanderpump Rules fame has a new friend! And this new friend is little less SUR and a lot more purr. The soon-to-be-married reality star adopted a precious black kitten named Salem. How do I know that he is precious? Exhibit A: the pic Scheana Marie posted of Salem on Instagram. Only evidence I need. His preciousness is indisputable.

When I look at the pic of Salem, I can't help but stare into those glowing eyes. They say so much. Though Salem is a young kitten, his eyes tell me he has a lot on his mind. Maybe it's because his mouth is open in the picture, or maybe it's because he shares a name with Sabrina Spellman's talking cat, but he seems like a kitten with something to say. He might even keep a cat diary. You know, if cats kept diaries.

CAT DIARIES! AHHHHHHHH SO CUTE. Uh oh. Now I can't stop thinking about cats journaling.

Oops! I couldn't stop myself before I wrote a diary entry from Salem's P.O.V.:

Dear Diary,

I’m all settled in! Hooray! I've gotta say, my setup in Scheana’s apartment is pretty sweet. My bed is soft, but not too soft. Gosh, I hate super soft beds. I don’t know how Scheana knew what kind of bed I wanted, but she hit this one out of the park. She also got me a dope scratching post (so fun!), this weird feather stick toy (I can dig it), and a litter box (blech. Lemme pee wherever, please).

What's happening in my/Scheana's life? Scheana’s been planning her wedding, and I'm obsessed with all of it. SoOoOoOoO exciting! I've never known anyone who's had a wedding. Granted, I don't know many people (I'm a young kitten, doye), but whatever. This is major.

I saw Meet the Parents the other day and now I want to be the ring bearer. Jinxy inspired me. I’ve been strutting around the apartment, showing off how poised I can be. My goal: Scheana notices and lets me walk down the aisle with a silk ring pillow on my back. Paw pads crossed!

Okay, I gotta jet. I'm sitting on the couch I'm not supposed to sit on. I don't want to get caught.



Ugh, just look at this little darling:

Image: scheanamarie/Instagram