Miley Cyrus Bedazzles James Franco Selfie With Turds, Chicken Wings & Balloons — PHOTO

Miley Cyrus and James Franco are, incidentally, two celebrities who really need to take a break from Instagram. Which one needs their Instagram privileges revoked the most tends to vary from day to day, from picture to picture, and sometimes several times an hour. Currently in the lead was Miley Cyrus after her terrifying shower selfies, but James Franco wasn't far behind. How many times can one man take a shirtless selfie? Then Miley Cyrus posted an edited James Franco selfie and the competition took a complete left turn.

The selfie that Cyrus decided to alter was an old one, from a month ago when our eyes were still young and unaware that this was the new standard of photograph that James Franco would be gracing us with. The selfie featured a shirtless Franco in bed, staring at the camera with an apple slice in his hand. Despite the cheery yellow paint on the wall behind him, Franco is unsmiling and disappointed as he captions the photo with "APPLE SLICES IN MY BED - I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DIDNT SHOW UP!"

Cyrus must have decided that this selfie was far too boring and needed the same kind of color that she was bringing to her own selfies lately. Either that, or she decided the selfie was far too gorgeous and it was her solemn duty to deface it so that we could all drag our eyes away. Regardless, this was what the selfie looked like before Cyrus got her hands on it.

Cyrus' bedazzling technique included adding gigantic anime eyes and a sparkling pink bow to his hair, replacing the apple slice with a chicken leg, adding a kitten and a parrot, and giving Franco a shish kabob with evil turds on it. The turds make me inclined to believe she's as fed up with his shirtless selfies as most of the world is, but, then again, this is just Cyrus' sense of humor. And it's art.

Now that our selfie options have expanded to celebrities editing each other's selfies, maybe the selfie will gain steam again this way. Or maybe this is just more proof that the selfie is well and truly dead. Either way, James Franco looks mighty pretty in pink.

Image: mileycyrus/Instagram; jamesfrancotv/Instagram