They've Brewed Up The Greatest Beer Name

by Kristie Rohwedder

Hanson released a new album in 2013, but that's not all: The trio started making beer. YEP. (How am I only hearing about this now?!) During Wednesday's episode of Consequence of Sound’s Rock It Out! Blog, middle brother Taylor Hanson chatted with host Sami Jarroush about Hanson Brothers Beer Company. They have a pale ale called—you’re going to want to be sitting down for this—Mmmhops. Mmmhops. MMMHOPS. TOO PERFECT. I CAN’T FEEL MY FACE. MY FACE IS FROSTBITTEN. THE BRILLIANCE OF MMMHOPS IS LIKE A BLIZZARD. AN INTENSE, POWERFUL BLIZZARD.

As if the name wasn’t enough fun for one bottle of oat soda, the label also reads From The Guys That Invented Mmmbop. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh my god. Hanson rules.

Starting at the 6:04 mark of the video below, Taylor explains how they developed the recipe for the beer, reveals other ideas for Hanson song-themed brews, and jokes about the song "Mmmbop" being of legal drinking age. ("Mmmbop" is only 17 years old, but perhaps it's of drinking age in song years?)

Jarroush remarks that the ABV of Mmmhops is pretty high. You know what they say: A bottle of Mmmhops, you're gone. Two bottles of Mmmhops, you're not there.

Where can you procure a glass of Mmmhops? Their home state of Oklahoma (natch), parts of Kansas, and at the House of Blues in Chicago. That's it? COME ON, HANSON BROTHERS! Expand your beer empire! Your 21 and over fans not in Kansas, Oklahoma, or Illinois require it!

I would not be mad if other late '90s pop/rock acts followed in Hanson's footsteps. The Spice Girls could make Wannabeer, a smooth lager. The Backstreet Boys could brew I Want It That Wheat, a citrusy witbier. Korn could do Freak On A Lambic: Life is Peachy, a peach cider beer. I could do this all day. Call me Barson Daly, host of Total Request Beer.

Do you want to watch Taylor pour some Mmmhops into an Mmmhops pint glass? Of course you do: