College Humor: Stop Saying You Are "So Old"

by Emma Cueto

Every 20-something has at some point probably been guilty of saying they are "so old." I know I have. In fact, I was probably guilty of it yesterday when I went to a wedding for someone my age and spent the whole time feeling like, "How can I possibly be old enough that this is a thing?" I mean, I'm at an age where people could reasonably be expected to have their shit together? What? When did that happen?

College Humor though has a definite point, though, in their new video telling 20-somethings to stop calling themselves old. The video juxtaposes a pair of actual old people discussing the things that make them old, like dementia and losing teeth, with a group of 20-somethings listing the things that make them old. Needless to say, the kids' reasons are not very impressive. Though I'm not going to lie: the fact that Nintendo64 came out 18 years ago legitimately does freak me out.

Still, the sad reality of life is that time passes. Being surprised–or even alarmed–by that fact is, I guess, perfectly normal, but it doesn't actually make you old. Being old makes you old. And if you're in your twenties, you're really not old.

(But seriously, guys, kids born in the year 2000 are teenagers. Let that sink in).