One Direction May Be Headed to a T.V. Near You, So Here's What to Expect

By now, it’s pretty safe to assume that we’ve seen all the band shows and movies that have ever existed, whether they were everything we expected or were completely horrendous. In 1997, there was Spice World and then in 1999 there was S Club 7 in Miami (both created by the same man). In 2009, Disney Channel brought us the show, Jonas, featuring the Jonas Brothers, and Nickelodeon brought us Big Time Rush. Now, the members of British boy band One Direction may have their own comedy show in the works.

Yes, teen girls rejoice! Though the band is still on tour, discussion about this new project is already in action, leaving little room for the boys to do non-work related things. But I guess that’s what happens when you’re world famous, right?

Though it’s still early, the pilot plans to have the band living in Los Angeles by the beach, because that’s what all members of a boy band do apparently. I mean Big Time Rush lived in LA too, so it only makes sense. Currently, a team of comedy writers will be working on the show, which makes me a little less skeptical of it. A little.

“The show will be peppered with guests cameos too,” a source told the Daily Star Sunday. “The plan is for the boys to see a pilot in the spring. No series has been commissioned yet and it is all very hush-hush.”

Yes, hush hush even though we now know where it’s taking place, who is in it, and can likely guess at the plot: Boys attempt to make it big in LA (even though they’re already famous), sit on a beach to meet girls, and casually break out into song and choreographed dance numbers.

Additionally, the boys of 1D are already working on the sequel to their documentary This Is Us and are reportedly going ot have their own animated film also revolving around their band. But with scary images in my head of what an animated version of Louis Tomlinson would look like aside, the idea of a comedy show about 1D seems a tad bit excessive.

Don’t get me wrong. The boys are extremely talented and, because my male friend dragged me to the theater to see This Is Us (true story), they are quite humorous together as well. Yet from what I’ve seen from past band shows, I’m not so sure that they’ll be able to pull it off. I understand that it will likely be geared towards a younger demographic, but I can’t help but find that comedy shows involving bands are so corny and even somewhat degrading to the singers.

It’s probably difficult enough as it is that we as fans label them (Harry is supposed to be the “hot” one), but TV shows play that up as much as possible. You don’t really want to get stuck as the “stupid” character on a show, but that’s pretty common in most of the band shows I’ve seen.

The worst part about band shows, however, is seeing the artists’ rise to fame only to then see them disappear into the abyss. James Maslow of Big Time Rush made it to the top four of Dancing With the Stars this year before being eliminated, and we all know that fizzled out celebrities end up on that show. It’s pretty much where your career goes to die unless you win or your name is Bill Nye.

Likewise, the Jonas Brothers were only lucky enough to see their show Jonas succeed for a year before it ended, Kevin Jonas got married, and the band broke up in real life. Sigh.

It’ll probably be some time before we discover who the so-called comedy writers are for this show, but I’m secretly praying that they don’t kill 1D’s career. They're already doing so well and it would be disappointing to see one show ruin what they have. But since I should probably end this on a positive note, I truly want to wish the boys good luck!