Maks Chmerkovskiy & Meryl Davis Spend a Weekend Apart but There's Still Hope That They're Dating

It's been an entire week since the Dancing with the Stars finale and the dust appears to have settled. Everyone is turning their minds toward what reality show is going to carry them through the summer drought between television show finales and premieres while the DTWS competitors enjoy their leisure time. However, there's one pair of competitors who are enjoying their leisure time a little too much. It's been nearly four days since there's been any news on the state of the relationship between Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis. Is it time to break out the prayer candle?

The little things that we've been hearing haven't been overwhelmingly positive. We were told that their chemistry was just great acting with no basis in reality. We were told that although Maks adores Meryl, he's that affectionate with everyone and they're not dating right now. We were told point blank by Meryl Davis herself that she and Maks were not dating and that was as much of her personal life as she was willing to share. And yet their actions kept contradicting their words, from the fact that Meryl and Maks started holding hands not long after denying that they were a couple to the dinner date Maks and Meryl went on in NYC.

If there's one thing that Maks and Meryl are good at besides dancing, it's giving people emotional whiplash. After an entire week where their relationship was all that anyone could ask them about, Maks and Meryl spent their Memorial Day weekend giving us absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. Meryl updated her Instagram all of twice, one of which was a photographic declaration that she had returned back home, and Maks went on a fishing trip that culminated in a 30 second video of him praising food.

There were no references made to one another at all and they don't even appear to be in the same place anymore. Does this mark the end of the fairy tale that was Maks and Meryl? Are they going to be those co-stars that promise to stay in touch and then delete each other's numbers as soon as the set is completely dismantled? Were we all taken in by great chemistry and romantic declarations that would have Edward Cullen taking notes?

I wouldn't give up hope just yet. Maks and Meryl have spent the past few months more or less attached at the hip. There are very few people who love someone enough to want to spend every waking moment with them and the distance could be a good thing for their relationship (because they're totally in a relationship, you guys). If there's one thing that any fan of "Maksyl" has learned, it's that absence does make the heart grow fonder. Just look at how happy they were to see each other again during Dancing with the Stars:

Maybe after taking some time to be apart and reflect, they'll realize it's not the stage chemistry and the hype that makes them want to be together. One weekend isn't enough to sink all the "friend dates" or gushing praise, and Maks and Meryl didn't win Dancing with the Stars by giving up on each other. Their relationship might not be in the romantic stage yet, but it's genuine and deep enough to survive a small break. Whether or not their fans can handle them spending that much time apart is an entirely different question.

Image: ABC; Tumblr