Lady Gaga Has A Lot in Common With Her Oldest Fan

When you think of Gaga, you think edgy, provocative and borderline maniacal. OK, so the borderline part may be debatable, but what on earth could she possibly have in common with an 86-year-old woman? According to one of Gaga's biggest fans Inez Whitfield, affectionately nicknamed "Granny Gaga," the answer to that question is plenty. On Tuesday, Gaga posted a photo on Instagram of herself and the woman who just might be her oldest fan, with the caption "86 yrs old Inez ‘Granny Gaga’ from Edmonton and I. We had a lovely chat after the show, what an inspiring lady! #artRave." After giving this relationship a little more thought, there are actually a few legitimate reasons why Whitfield's love for Gaga makes perfect sense.

First off, both of them obviously share an affinity for fashion. Although Whitfield, or "Granny Gaga," said she won't be stepping out in a meat dress anytime soon, she attended the concert wearing some pretty Gaga-esque threads. Her ensemble included a sparkly tiara, a shimmery dress, and a feathery boa. If nothing else, she and Gaga could definitely talk fashion.

Both Gaga and Whitfield share a hometown bond. Whitfield is originally from New York but lives in Edmonton. During their 5-minute meeting, she and the ARTPOP singer reportedly chatted about growing up in Brooklyn.

According to Whitfield's daughter, her mother loves Gaga's free-spirited attitude and uses that same spirit to keep herself going, despite experiencing several health setbacks, which brings us to the other thing she has in common with Gaga-- guts. You have to be super ballsy to get a day pass from a care center in order to attend a concert while recovering from an appendectomy.

By her own admission, Lady Gaga loves Canada, which further explains her bond with "Granny Gaga." It's where she earned her first #1 record with The Fame, and in 2008, she earned her first musical award at Canada's MuchMusic Video Awards when "Poker Face" won the title of Best International Video. Also, her first boyfriend was Canadian.

Check out the photo of Lady Gaga and Whitfield below and tell me they're not a match made in heaven: