Current Movies Get Old-Timey with Awesome Posters

Don't you ever find yourself wishing that you could go back in time? Like, to the era of James Dean, or...the classic movie poster? Before the bombastic posters that said "SPECIAL EFFECTS AWAIT YOU." And even if you don't, there's no doubt you'd like a dose of old-timey joy, right? You've got to check out these modern movies imagined as classic posters. This series of artwork is pretty excellent, and it will make you think of some of your favorite recent flicks in a whole new light.

Like, X-Men, for instance. What if...Al Pacino was Wolverine? Or what if Spring Breakers starred James Dean instead of James Franco? (Somewhere, James Franco is beaming.) Or what if your Oscar-nominated favorites like American Hustle and Gravity were depicted in muted colors, as though they were from a generation with way less technology, where Technicolor was representative of a cinematic rainbow?

Thanks to the talent and imagination of graphic designer and digital artist Peter Stults, you can get an opportunity to see what this sort artistic Hollywood mash-up would look like. It's definitely an excellent throwback, and it's also just really cool to look at.

Check a few out below, and you can see Stults' full body of work over here. You may find yourself feeling all sorts of glorious old Hollywood feelings...and maybe those feelings will even be in Technicolor!

Image: Behance