Disney's 'Frozen' Merchandise Is Everywhere but Here's One Korean Item You'd Devour — PHOTO

There's Frozen fatigue, I know. The merchandise. The constant mash-ups and parodies. The off-pitch shrieks of adults at karaoke nights trying to hit that high note in "Let It Go" (now there's a parody waiting — let it go, let it go, you cannot hit the note...). But now we've got the most appropriate Frozen-inspired treat of all: a Frozen ice push-up pop. Get it? It's "Frozen." BOOM.

And who are these geniuses of word play? Why, it's folks in Korea. Thanks to the glorious subreddit dedicated to the animated musical, we have a place where fans can share all sorts of Frozen treats — figurative treats, like some pretty hilarious GIFs and some stellar video parodies — and literal treats, like this ice pop.

This, of course, is evidence that Frozen may have reached its peak. How far can one go with merchandise? Pretty far, apparently. But still, with this little bit of "frozen" word play, you've got to wonder why it took six months for someone to come up with an icy treat that very well could have been made from Elsa's powers.

Anyway, take a look. It's real, and it's available in Korea!

Do you want to eat an Elsa? No? Okay, bye.

Image: Disney; Imgur